Vegan Outreach E-NEWS  •  JAN. 7, 2015
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We Did It: Over $350,000 Raised for Outreach!

Because of you, we met – and then exceeded – our year-end fundraising goal of $330,000.

Because of you, more than $350,000 will be put toward outreach in 2015!

Our 11 Outreach Coordinators, along with hundreds of volunteers, will personally hand Vegan Outreach booklets – spreading a message of compassion for animals – to young people throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Mexico! More and more people will read these booklets and be encouraged to make positive changes for animals. Because of you.

Thank you to the 700+ individuals who contributed. From $10 gifts to $10,000 gifts, every one of your donations made a huge difference. And thank you to the handful of incredibly generous supporters who matched donations, enabling us to raise TWICE as much for animals!

More outreach = more vegans = less suffering. Because of you.

Thank You!


Links of the Week

California’s Prop 2 Now in Effect
In his NY Times op-ed “Hens, Unbound,” Mark Bittman talks about Prop 2 going into effect in California as of January 1, 2015. Prop 2 and subsequent legislation also taking effect make it illegal to raise or sell eggs from hens who cannot stretch their wings. It also says that calves cannot be kept in veal crates and that sows cannot be kept in gestation crates. Vegan Outreach will await follow-up confirmation that animals in CA – or a significant number of animals in the U.S. – are being raised in better conditions before revising our booklets in any way.

Permanent Ban on Supertrawlers in Australia
After public outcry against the large freezer-factory vessels that devastate marine life, the Australian government has announced it will stop vessels longer than 130m from fishing in its waters.


From the VO Blog

The Reasons for Going Vegan
There are many reasons to go vegan. What’s yours?

  Creamy Tomato Thyme Soup

9 Hearty Vegan Soup Recipes
Sure to keep you warm (and full) this winter!

New Vegan Cakes
Now available at Safeway and Vons!

Nettie Schwager and Cobie deLespinasse | Rob Gilbride and Eleni Vlachos | Cat Liguori | Leslie Patterson
Some of the Adopt a College program’s amazing activists share highlights from the record-setting fall semester!


Recent Feedback

Long day in cataclysmic traffic but my favorite campus outreach of the semester maybe!!! I spoke to two students at Norco College for about 10 minutes, and they want to try veg eating together – they are so adorable [below, right].

I saw an insane amount of people reading because many of the booklets went to students waiting for class. I overhead several conversations start; and walking back to the car, I saw a cover-to-cover reader – I had run out of Guides by then but pointed out the number on the back to get one and she was stoked.

Aspiring vegetarians at MVC and Norco

Wonderful students at Moreno Valley College. I spoke to a group of three [above, left] for a long time and it was awesome – all three were interested in veg eating and were full of kindness and positive energy. It was a real high to meet so many receptive people and have so many conversations today. Schmoozapalooza!

Andy MacKenzie was a rock as usual and has been dressing more conservatively lately to fit in – what a guy!

—Vic Sjodin, 12/4/14

Veggie Grill flyer  


Upcoming Events

Veggie Grill’s Vegan Outreach Fundraiser | San Jose, CA | January 11

Vegan P:OWER Event | Brooklyn, NY | January 20


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