Vegan Outreach E-NEWS  •  JAN. 28, 2015
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Viva Mexico!

  Emmanuel Marquez

Over the last year, Vegan Outreach has worked diligently to expand our international outreach efforts. In 2014, we hired Outreach Coordinators in Australia and Canada. And just last week, we opened our Mexico chapter, run by Emmanuel Marquez (right).

Emmanuel, intern Carlos Contreras, and a team of volunteers started this work off with a bang! On day one, at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in San Nicolas de Los Garza, they reached 18,900 students with Vegan Outreach booklets – the biggest single leafleting event in VO history!

We’ve found the students in Mexico to be incredibly receptive and inquisitive. And with universities teeming with students, we’ve got the opportunity to make an enormous impact.

We’ll be excited to report back to you with the progress of our work in Mexico. Thank you Drew and Ari, and all our donors who make this vital outreach possible!

UANL activists
Above (from left) are Miroslava Garza, Katia Rodriguez, Fernanda Riojas, Israel, and Carlos Contreras; together with Julio Silva, Yuliana Lozano, Iliana Salinas, Jan Medrano, Brenda, and Emmanuel Marquez, they set a new all-time leafleting record at UANL last week!


Brooklyn P:OWER Event Raises Funds for VO

More than $1,800 was raised for Vegan Outreach at an event in Brooklyn, NY, last week! The fundraiser, which featured engaging speakers (below), incredible food, giveaways, and more, was organized by local activist Jess Van Brunt, with the help of several volunteers and contributors. Vegan Outreach thanks everyone who helped make this awesome event a success!

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P:OWER event speakers
Above (from left): animal rights attorney David Wolfson; cofounders of and, Giacomo Marchese and Dani Taylor; writer and director of Vegucated, Marisa Miller Wolfson; and VO’s Executive Vice President, Jon Camp.


Become a Mentor to New and Aspiring Vegans

Vegan Outreach connects new and aspiring vegans with knowledgeable mentors who can provide one-on-one guidance and support for them in their journeys toward veganism. If you’re a vegan and you’re interested in helping others move in that direction, please complete the sign-up form or contact Lisa Rimmert at


  Jack Norris

Links of the Week

Talk to a Doc Interview with Jack Norris
Katya Trent, of Wellness with Katya, interviews Jack Norris, RD. Listen to the podcast for Jack’s take on supplements for vegans.

Take Action to Halt All Testing at the US Meat Animal Research Center
Send a message via the HSUS site to US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and urge him to halt all research activities at a taxpayer-funded USDA facility in Nebraska that conducts horrific experiments on animals to increase profits for the meat industry.


  Mistress Ginger Cooks!

From the VO Blog

Cookbook Review: Mistress Ginger Cooks!
Complete with familiar and easy-to-follow recipes, Mistress Ginger’s hilarious book brings fun into the kitchen. Check out our review.


Recent Feedback

Today was my first time leafleting officially as a VO Outreach Coordinator – it was very exciting; I got to UANL very early in the morning and left at night. There were a lot of volunteers and support; and there were thousands of people because it was the first day of school for many and the last day for registering.

  Ana at UANL

People were super receptive for printed material, as usual in Mexico. First a father and son came to me to congratulate us for the work we do and asked for more info of the organization and veg eating; the son is very into it. Then Ana [right], a vegetarian interested in going vegan, offered to help. Later on, Katia Rodriguez met Israel, a 22-year-old guy who after receiving the leaflet decided to go vegetarian and help out in that very moment. A couple asked for substitute foods, two guys asked us to go out to eat so they can know veg restaurants, and a bunch of people asked what they could do for animals to help more. An amazing day.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 1/19/15


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