Vegan Outreach E-NEWS  •  FEB. 18, 2015
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  Arundhati at IVC
While leafleting Irvine Valley College last month, John Sakars met Arundhati (above), who told him she’s been vegetarian since receiving a VO booklet last semester!

Adopt a College Update

The cold temperatures haven’t kept us from speaking up for the animals! Just a month into our spring 2015 Adopt a College season, Vegan Outreach activists have already given out 260,280 booklets at 253 schools.

Longtime volunteer Joe Espinosa has already reached 5,454 students at colleges in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. A full-time social worker, Joe uses one of his two days off each week to leaflet, often putting in eight-hour days.

Out west, dedicated volunteers Cobie deLespinasse and Nettie Schwager have reached over 2,100 students at various Oregon schools by using much of their limited free time to reach students with the animals’ plight.

And down south, Mark Meunier (below), a tireless volunteer bringing about a better world for the animals, has already given out 6,206 booklets at Louisiana colleges.

Mark Meunier at UNO

Leafleting is fun and rewarding! And we’ll likely be in your town soon. If you’d like to join us for some upcoming outreach, we’d be thrilled to teach you the ropes! Please contact us.


Link of the Week

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From the VO Blog

  Crescent roll pot pies

Eating Vegan in Anchorage, Alaska
Being vegan is easy to do…even in places like Anchorage!

Recipe: Crescent Roll Pot Pies


Recent Feedback

We tabled and leafleted indoors at Southwestern Illinois College today. One student decided to go vegan after visiting at our table. Another student told me that she went vegetarian after interacting with me last semester. I Guided both of them. A couple other students said they had reduced their meat consumption since getting literature from me in the past.

Alex [Astarita, below] had gotten a booklet from me at Saint Louis University in the past and went veg. Today was her outreach debut, and she did great! Big thanks to Alex for taking a three-hour-round-trip, four-train ride to join me for a great day of outreach!

—Rick Hershey, 1/21/15

Alex Astarita at SWIC


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