New Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating!

We’re happy to present our brand-new Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklet!

  New Guide!

The Guide includes easy, tasty recipes for people moving towards a vegan diet, and other helpful tips on how to live a compassionate lifestyle. Guides are typically handed out to people we come across while leafleting who express interest. Because the Guide has information on why dairy causes suffering to cows, we especially like to get them into the hands of anyone who tells us they’re vegetarian. And if someone says they don’t want to take one of our other booklets due to the graphic pictures, we’re able to offer them a Guide.

One big change from the old Guide is that the booklet is now the same size as all of our other booklets – 16 pages. This has reduced the cost of printing, shipping, and overhead. In the past, due to the increased cost, we asked people not to leaflet with the Guide, but now if people feel that a crowd is particularly educated and would benefit most from a Guide, it won’t be any more expensive than one of our other booklets. Another change is that the nutrition section is much condensed, hopefully giving people what they need to know in a more concise, less scary way.

We hope you’ll like the new Guide! You can download a PDF from our Booklet PDFs page or order print copies from our Order Form.


  Bonus gift!

New Members: Get a Bonus Gift!

Have you thought about making a donation to VO but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Right now, first-time donors who give $30 or more will become official Members of the Vegan Club and receive not only the regular perks but a bonus gift too! In addition to a coupon for a free Tofurky product, a copy of our yearly print newsletter, and a VO sticker, bookmark, button, or magnet of your choosing, you’ll also receive a copy of the book It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan by Rebecca Gilbert.* Not to mention you’ll also have the pride and satisfaction that comes with knowing you’re inspiring more vegans! Donate Now!

*Offer ends March 31.


Links of the Week


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Vegan Outreach’s Executive Vice President, Jon Camp, is quoted in this Los Angeles Magazine piece about the rise of plant-based meats.

The New Optimism of Al Gore
Excerpt: “At age 66, [Al Gore] is also trimmer than he was during his bearish, bearded period after the 2000 election, thanks in part to a vegan diet he has maintained for two years.… He smiles and says proudly, ‘There are 10 vegan restaurants in Nashville now.’”


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New Recipe!
Vegan Pizza Braid is easy to make, delicious, and also a very versatile recipe.

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Recent Feedback

Today was the Ryerson Winter VegFest. I met someone who I remembered talking to during a previous leafleting session at Ryerson University. I was able to find my report from 4/26/13 – this is what I wrote back then:

  Tian at Ryerson U
  CA booklet
I had several nice conversations today. One was with a young man who asked me if I was vegan and for how long. When I asked him the same back, he said he had been vegan for a month. I asked him what had prompted the change, and he said getting a Compassionate Choices and watching online videos. He is interested in learning how to eat better so was pleased to get a Guide, and I also gave him a Vegan button and took a photo. He also asked about volunteering, and I told him about Vegan Outreach as well as the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

He is still vegan! The photo [right] is the one from 2013.

I also met a man who initially refused a leaflet, saying that was no good, he needed to put on weight. I said I have the perfect one for you and whipped out The Compassionate Athlete. As he started flipping through it, he asked what it was about, and I said it was plant-based eating for athletes. He said he couldn’t go vegan or he would die! I told him I have been vegan for 25 years and I’m not dead yet; he and his friends all laughed with me, and he took the leaflet – win!

I also chatted with the Toronto Vegetarian Association volunteer at the VegFest. She wants to help leaflet and is a Ryerson student, so I took her information. I got to the table later in the day and by then they were all out of leaflets. She said the most popular was The Compassionate Athlete.

—Alex Greenwood, 3/12/15


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