Adopt a College on Record Pace!

Spring has sprung, and Vegan Outreach activists are taking advantage of the nice weather! Here’s what some of our key activists have been up to:

  Elizabeth at BC
  After getting a Guide from Steve Erlsten at Bakersfield College, Elizabeth is ready to go vegan!

Steve Erlsten, VO’s Northern California Outreach Coordinator, has already reached 67,952 students this semester, running into a number of enthusiastic individuals who’ve gone vegetarian or vegan as a result of receiving a Vegan Outreach booklet in the past.

Yuri Mitzkewich, VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, has taken his hard-work ethic on the road, reaching 45,707 students throughout FL, GA, SC, AL, MS, and LA.

And Jose Elias, one of VO’s traveling Outreach Coordinators, has been winning hearts and minds throughout the East Coast. Just this semester, he’s reached 34,870 students in PA, NJ, DE, MD, OH, MI, IN, KY, TN, and WV.

Despite another very cold winter in the East, as of March 30, our dedicated employees and amazing Adopt a College volunteers are on a record pace – over 25,000 booklets ahead of our previous best spring semester of 2013, and almost 150,000 ahead of the similarly cold spring of 2014! In total, we’re only 136 booklets short of 600,000 and have already leafleted at 622 schools!

It’s exciting to see this effective advocacy gaining momentum. Thank you to everyone who donates to this work. You make it happen!


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Link of the Week


Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Farmed Animal Bill
“Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed his first bill on Monday afternoon. And, it’s a big win for animal rights activists. Last week, the Arizona legislature passed HB 2150. Opponents argued the bill offered no protections against the abuse of farm animals. On Sunday, dozens of people rallied in Tempe, urging the governor to veto the bill. And he listened.”


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Recent Feedback

  Alondra Sarmiento at ITA
  Reader at ITA

We had two volunteers today at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes: Alondra Sarmiento [right] and Israel Rodriguez.

Alondra had never met another vegan or vegetarian in person before; she also had never done activism at all. She told us she was very happy to meet us and that she felt very good helping animals by leafleting for the first time. She’s very shy and at the beginning she was having trouble doing it; but after some tips and jokes, she made it happen. She left with a smile knowing the positive impact she had on farmed animals, and decided to move from vegetarian to vegan.

Israel is not even vegetarian, but he has done activism for other causes before, such as screenings and a little bit of leafleting. He’s an energetic young man, he helped a lot and we talked about factory farming while doing it; he is trying veg now.

Besides the positive experiences with the volunteers, we had a lot of good ones with people receiving the leaflets. Three or four people asked for another leaflet to share. Two girls that help dogs and cats engaged in conversations about factory farming that turned out with them trying veg. And finally, a girl stood 20 meters away from us and read the leaflet from cover to cover [shown]. It was an energy-recharging day.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 3/19/15


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