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  Tall Omaha

It’s sad but true that horses are used for meat too. Every year, around 40,000 American race horses end up as steaks and burgers.

From now until June 6 – the last day of the Triple Crown – 100% of the royalties from the book Tall Omaha will be donated to Vegan Outreach.

Through this touching story of an abandoned race horse – and a similarly discarded 16-year-old girl – author Kristine Oakhurst raises awareness of the cruelties involved in horse racing. Purchase the book now and help bring us closer to a vegan world – where chickens, pigs, cows, and horses are spared from becoming food. Buy now on Amazon.


Links of the Week


Vegan Diet Best for Planet
If you went to The Huffington Post’s home page this past Sunday, you might have seen their top headline, “Feds: Vegan Diet Best for Planet,” linked to an article from The Hill. Excerpt:

In its review of scientific studies, the committee highlighted research concluding that a vegan diet had the most potential health benefits.
“The organically grown vegan diet also had the lowest estimated impact on resources and ecosystem quality, and the average Italian diet had the greatest projected impact,” according to the report. “Beef was the single food with the greatest projected impact on the environment; other foods estimated to have high impact included cheese, milk, and seafood.”

  Eric Griffith

“Meatout” Encourages Students to Explore Vegan Options
Veteran Vegan Outreach volunteer Eric Griffith was interviewed for the Great American Meatout event put on by Speak Out for Species of the University of Georgia. Excerpt:

“[W]e really focus a lot on educating people about factory farming and how it hurts animals and encouraging people to explore different food choices that will be more compassionate to animals,” [Griffith] said.


27 Ways to Avoid Hitting Animals That May Save Your Life Too!
Tips to avoid hitting animals from Animals 24-7. Excerpts:

 Remember that most lines in the woods are vertical. If you see something horizontal, it may be an animal.

 If you brake too abruptly for a bird flying straight ahead of you, you may take away the push he needs and send him crashing into your windshield.

 A rabbit scared out of the road by the car ahead of you may circle right back into the road.



From the VO Blog

100% plant-based “rawhides” for dogs!

Leaflet Like a Pro
Outreach Coordinator Kassy Ortega shares the best tips for leafleting.

Leaflet Like a Pro!


  Casey at Chaffey
  After hearing Vic speak at Chaffey College, Casey said, “I’m going full vegan!”

Recent Feedback

I ran into Max at the University of Nevada. He credits his veganism to conversations he had with the great Victor Sjodin six years ago at Penn State!

Special thanks to my gracious hosts, who have kept me well-fed and sheltered from the cold drizzle I always seem to bring to Reno with me!

—Steve Erlsten, 3/24/15  

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