AAC Spring Semester Passes 700K!

We’re now three months into the spring semester for Adopt a College, and there is no relenting. So far this semester, 709,196 booklets have been handed out by 363 activists at 737 schools.

Rachel Black, on the road since mid-January, has in just this semester alone covered Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma! In this time, she’s reached 38,054 students with a Vegan Outreach booklet.

Rachel Black and Michael Willemsen at SCSU
Rachel Black and Michael Willemsen reached more than 850 students at St. Cloud State!

In southern California, longtime Vegan Outreach employee Vic Sjodin has been toiling day after day, bringing the vegan message to the masses. With the help of 22 activists, a total of 72,165 booklets have been handed out in southern California this semester. And Vic just handed out his 800,000th Vegan Outreach booklet. What a champion for the animals!

Group at Carson High School
After speaking with Dr. Dupree’s class at Carson High School, Vic Sjodin reports: “Best moment for me was when four kids asked to take a picture with me. They said they wanted to go vegetarian. And they wanted to spread these ideas to others, make veganism a part of some fair in the future and asked me to come. Another young woman said she was going to talk to her mom about this tonight. Two others wanted to volunteer with VO.”

And Rick Hershey has been spreading a message of compassion in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. He’s already reached 21,121 students with the animals’ plight this semester, often coming across those who are now vegan thanks to receiving a booklet from him in the past.

Of course, none of this life-changing activism would happen if not for those of you who support this work financially. Thank you for making this effective work possible!


Link of the Week

Time.com Reports: Ethical Vegans More Likely to Stick With It
Time.com recently reported on a study comparing vegans who made the switch because of ethical motivations and those who did so for health reasons. It turns out, as we discuss on our blog, ethical motivations may equate to sticking with veganism longer.


  Animal Liberation

From the VO Blog

Animal Liberation Turns 40
April 14 marks the release of the 40th anniversary ebook edition of Peter Singer’s groundbreaking work, Animal Liberation, originally published in 1975. Animal Liberation played a critical role in inspiring a generation of animal advocates. If you’re at all interested in animal advocacy and have not read the book, you owe it to the animals – and yourself – to do so!

  Babs McDonald

April Supporter Spotlight
This month’s spotlight is particularly exciting, as we celebrate someone who has been vegan for 25 years! Congratulations to Babs McDonald. Let’s get to know her, shall we?

  Restaurant card

Vegan Outreach Restaurant Cards
Eat out often? Let restaurants know that you appreciate their vegan options! Thanks to Baltimore Vegan Drinks for this great idea.


  Leslie at UCLA
  After reading the Your Choice she received at UCLA this semester, Leslie now wants to go vegan!

Recent Feedback

I leafleted for an hour today [at MiraCosta College]. The first person I gave a leaflet to had walked up to me with a plate of pepperoni pizza in his hand and, after receiving an Even If You Like Meat leaflet, said this pizza was the last meat he would ever eat. Another person said she is already a vegetarian but that she wants to reduce how much dairy she eats.… In one exchange, I handed a leaflet to a lady who then requested another to give to her coworker. A student later came up to me and told me that he supports the values of a vegan diet, that he is running for student government and that, if elected, he wants to work with me to propagate vegan philosophy on campus, after which statement he took five leaflets to distribute on his own. And on two separate occasions, students sought guidance as to how to volunteer with Vegan Outreach. I told them that they, too, could leaflet and referred them to our website to learn how to Adopt a College.

—Jason Pache, 4/2/15



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