Activist Profile: Lynda Cozart

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we interview longtime volunteer Lynda Cozart. Over the last seven years, Lynda has reached over 24,000 individuals with a Vegan Outreach booklet. Additionally, in 2000, Lynda took me to my first veg outreach event, a vegan food giveaway in Watkins Glen, NY. I’m just one of the many who have been impacted by Lynda’s tireless advocacy on behalf of animals.

—Jon Camp, Executive Vice President, Vegan Outreach

Lynda Cozart


You’ve been leafleting for a long time, totally as a volunteer. What is it about leafleting that compels you devote so much time to it?

I think leafleting is what I can do best. I’m not a good speaker, writer, etc. I promote veganism because of the sheer number of animals and because what to eat is a decision everyone must make every day. Also, when I went to the vegetarian society events in Richmond, I went for social reasons. I was still exploring where to volunteer. The more I learned about veganism, the more I realized by promoting it I was also working for many other causes I cared about – the environment, world hunger, etc.

What do you do for fun when you’re not leafleting?

I recently retired and thought I’d do things I didn’t have time for when I worked, like learning to play bridge. But instead I help with college leafleting, weekday protests, etc. – things that are difficult for those who have work to do. I find that these activities bring me more satisfaction, and I enjoy being around other vegans and activists.

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Product of the Week

  Photo: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Lynda: “Chipotle’s Sofritas taco. While I loved them, I didn’t get them often, as three tacos were too much for me. I found out recently you don’t have to buy three. For a little over $3, I now go and get one.”


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Recent Feedback

  Quinton at Benedict
  Quinton, a student who is on the football team at Benedict College, received our booklets and is now interested in going veg!

Another amazing day leafleting Gainesville with Lynda Cozart! Day two and for a second time a leafleting record goes down. This outreach was orchestrated nearly perfectly, with me and her splitting up and each taking excellent posts on near-opposite ends of the Santa Fe College campus. Doing this we did 400+ on the first two class changes and at least 300 together for the rest. Great results for just the two of us!

Lyn had a faculty member come up to her at one point, thanking us for raising awareness and saying vegetarians were becoming lots more common on campus. I found four vegans and even more vegetarians on my side – more than we met last semester, it felt like. With the meat eaters we talked to, every one of them responded very positively to hearing that changing their diet to help animals wasn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. At least three of them promised to do what the Even If You Like Meat asked and cut their meat consumption in half. One omnivore towards the end though did let me know she was so disturbed by the booklet, she was finished then and there eating meat; and even better, said she’d be interested in volunteering next visit! Excellent news there – she was the second of two signed up today to get active in the future for animals.

Super developments again coming out on another big day for us in central Florida!

—Yuri Mitzkewich, 3/10/15  

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