Team Vegan in Full Swing and New Spring Record!

What a season we’ve been having for Adopt a College! Dedicated activists have already set a new record for spring semester leafleting, handing out 962,040 bookletsover 46,000 more than the previous record of spring 2013! It’s exciting that we’re able to reach so many more students, thanks to your generosity.

  Susan at ARC

Susan [right] from American River College came back after reading her Your Choice booklet to ask how she can go vegan! She was shocked to see the cruelty. We chatted for a few minutes, and she is going to look up our Vegan Mentor Program!

—Steve Erlsten

So many individuals like this are making changes every day, but there are still people we haven’t reached. Help us spread compassion for animals to even more people by getting involved with Team Vegan.

Donate Today. Help us raise $150K – which is being matched dollar-for-dollar to bring us to $300K for important grassroots activism. We’ve raised over $17,000 so far, and we need your help to raise as much as possible and spare as many animals as possible from suffering.

Register for Team Vegan. Already we have 59 members of Team Vegan – but we still need you! Join Team Vegan to start fundraising. Anyone who raises $500 gets a special Team Vegan cap, or any item on this page. Upload a photo and type a short blurb for your page by May 20, and a generous supporter will donate $100 to your profile, making you that much closer to getting a cap!

  Yuri & friend

There are two Team Vegan members we want to highlight this week:

Not only is Yuri Mitzkewich VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, he’s also a terrific fundraiser for Team Vegan! Yuri met his original $500 goal on the first day of Team Vegan, so he increased it to $2,000. He writes, “As my challenge for reaching my Team Vegan goal I am repeating my pledge from 2014, taking on a second Tour de Florida Keys bike trip.” Yuri will bike through Florida and leaflet for three days! Read more on his Team Vegan page. Go Yuri!

  Anna & Harlan

Team Vegan is important to VO supporter and volunteer, Anna Pippus. On her Team Vegan page, she lets her friends and family know why. In her words, “My son, Harlan, and I really like animals and we don’t want them to suffer!” We love the simplicity of this message, and it seems to be working, too! Keep it up, Anna!


Lauren Farnsworth: VO’s Newest Board Member!

  Lauren Farnsworth

We’d like to welcome the newest member of VO’s Board of Directors, Lauren Farnsworth!

Lauren and her fiancé, Steve Sprang, have been two of the most active members of Team Vegan over the years, with Lauren being our top non-staff fundraiser in 2014! She also has much to contribute with development ideas and applying her tech writing skills to VO’s websites.

Lauren looked at the burger on her plate in 1995 and spontaneously decided to stop eating animals. She went vegan in 1999 while attending a class at UC Davis about animal exploitation.

After getting her BA in Political Science and Economics, she spent four years managing a vegan cookie company before venturing into the world of software and becoming a technical writer.

Lauren was born and raised in northern California. She enjoys reading and writing fiction, hiking in national parks, and watching movies with Steve and their two cats.


Kevin Gallagher: VO’s New Operations Manager

  Kevin Gallagher

After 11 years on Vegan Outreach’s Board of Directors, Kevin Gallagher has stepped down to become our Operations Manager.

As Operations Manager, Kevin will handle a number of functions such as monitoring our booklet inventory and coordinating printings. Kevin has been involved with Vegan Outreach since the mid-1990s and joined Vegan Outreach cofounder Jack Norris for the Colorado leg of the first cross-country college leafleting tour.

Kevin was born and raised in suburban Chicago and was a vegetarian from his early high-school years due to the example of his mother. He then became vegan while attending Cornell College in Iowa.

Kevin has degrees in philosophy, political science, neurobiology, and physiology. He’s worked for the University of Washington, where he cofounded and directed the Resource Center for Student Organizations for 10 years.



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Recent Feedback

We visited a small but very interesting private school, the Alva Edison University, which promotes vegetarianism and veganism in the halls of the buildings! We were shocked to see posters of famous vegetarians and vegans such as Aristotle, Einstein, Da Vinci, Paul McCartney, Gandhi and many others [below].

Posters at Alva Edison University

The cafeteria is vegetarian and almost completely vegan. These conditions are due to the principal: he is vegetarian and a very nice man that we had the chance to meet. We had the support of a very energetic local group called MEDA; they are helping a lot, guiding us about the universities and introduced us to the principal [below].

Carlos Contreras and Emmanuel Marquez with MEDA activists and vegetarian principal

Despite the fact that the school promotes these values, not many students eat veg and the principal was so happy to have us there that he granted us the authorization to visit all of the classrooms and give a brief speech. So every leaflet that we handed out today was followed by an explanation of its content, the impact of factory farming and veg eating, with personal examples and local information. A lot of students reacted in a very positive way; an amazing experience.

Team Vegan member Emmanuel Marquez, 5/4/15


Upcoming Veggie Grill Fundraisers

Mention Vegan Outreach at any of these four Veggie Grill locations on Saturday, May 9, between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and we receive 50% of purchases:

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