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At $92,068, we’re almost two-thirds of the way to our goal of raising $150,000 for outreach – to be matched dollar-for-dollar to $300,000 by a few very generous donors.

If you haven’t yet donated, please take a moment now to contribute what you can. We need your help to keep the momentum up and reach our goal.

Every dollar raised means more animals spared from suffering.

Total Funds Raised: $92,068
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Activist Profile: Mark Meunier

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we interview Mark Meunier. A volunteer from Louisiana, Mark started leafleting with Vegan Outreach last fall. In the short amount of time that he’s been involved with this work, he’s already reached over 7,800 students with a VO booklet. Thank you for your dedication to the animals, Mark!

  Mark Meunier

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment?

I was leafleting at the college from which I graduated. It was kind of a special day in that Yuri [Mitzkewich] and I kept getting approached by people telling us how they’d seen us the previous semester and made changes to their diets or that they were seriously considering veganism or vegetarianism for the first time after talking to us. I had handed a pamphlet to a student who took it and sort of casually glanced at it on his way into a classroom building. About five minutes later, he came rushing out and ran up to me, sort of wild-eyed. “I can’t believe this is what happens to animals at these places. This is messed up. I don’t think I can do this any more.” I was a little shocked, but when things settled down, we started talking about factory farming, animal welfare, sentience, and nutrition. He was all over the lot. (lol) But he walked away telling me he wanted to get serious about changing his eating habits. He hadn’t had any idea of the horrors inherent in the current food production system. I thought, “Now that is what it’s all about.” It renewed my hope in humanity and the next generation to make things better. And that’s what happens when you do outreach: you see just one person willing to change and it gives you hope.

Full interview here.


Flax milk

Product of the Week

Mark: “I’d like to recommend Good Karma unsweetened flax milk. I still drink soy and almond milk, but was using almond milk in all of my recipes and cereals, etc., when I decided to branch out. I picked this up and it works great to give a more creamy texture to everything from drinking it by the glass to producing a thicker oatmeal. And I love the omega-3s. For the time being, it’s my milk of choice. Great eco-friendly company, too!”


  Healthy dessert

From the VO Blog

A Healthy Dessert
If you’re looking for a perfect summer dessert, this is it! It’s fresh, healthy, and doesn’t require an oven!

Beyoncé Talks about Her Vegan Diet

Spring 2015: Steven Litrov
Some semester highlights from VO Outreach Coordinator Steven Litrov.


  Aspiring vegetarian
  Above is one of the Shippensburg University students Kassy reached this semester who is interested in going veg!

Recent Feedback

Jenny Richards’ church had a series of three speakers talk about something health and holistic related, so I gave a talk to about 40 women. It was very well received; we couldn’t stop the conversation.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and I spoke to a woman who is now going vegetarian (one day wants to be vegan!). I sent her an email that included our Vegan Mentor Program.

Team Vegan member Kassy Ortega, 5/3/15


Upcoming Event

Dinner to Benefit VO | Chicago, IL | Thursday, June 25
Join VO President, Jack Norris, RD, for a buffet dinner at Arya Bhavan vegan Indian restaurant to benefit VO’s grassroots activism. Dinner is 6:00–9:00 pm. $22/person. Dress casually and meet fellow VO supporters and activists in the Chicagoland area! Address: 2508 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659. Space is limited. RSVP by June 18. Type “Chicago Fundraiser” in the Comments field.

See Talks, Festivals, & Fundraisers for other upcoming events.


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