You Did It – And Then Some!


Thank you, generous donors and dedicated Team Vegan members, for making Team Vegan 2015 a huge success!

We set out in May with the goal of raising $150,000 for outreach. We ended the campaign having exceeded this goal, raising $160,000! With the 100% match from our very dedicated supporters, we can put $320,000 toward outreach for animals!

Because of your support of Team Vegan, we will continue to reach thousands of students every day with persuasive information about cruelty-free eating. We will continue to inspire new vegetarians and vegans, reducing the number of animals who suffer on factory farms. We will keep setting new records, expanding to new areas, and doing the hard but necessary work to promote a more compassionate way of living.

We are building a better world together. Thank you for making this possible!

Congratulations to our Top Fundraisers: Yvonne LeGrice, Lauren Farnsworth, Lisa Shapiro, Alison Mercer, Jennifer Mennuti, Drew Rodriguez, St. Louis Metro Donations, Nettie Schwager, Rachel Shippee, Jon Camp, John Oberg, Lisa Rimmert, Vic Sjodin, Yuri Mitzkewich, Jose Elias, Sam Tucker, Emmanuel Marquez, Jack Norris, and Kassy Ortega.

Thank You!



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Recent Feedback

Joselyn Aguilar, Gabriela Sánchez, Oscar Ureña, Carlos Contreras, and I handed out 10,800 VO booklets at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad Universitaria today!

Many people were interested in changing their habits after reading the booklet, like Verónica, who said she will go vegan. Nayeli [below, left] told us she is eating veg from now on. We talked a lot with Nelly [below, right], who used to eat fish and eggs, but after the talk and the booklet she won’t anymore; she also told us that our work was very good.

Nayeli and Nelly at UNAM

Arturo and Romina [below, left] are teachers of martial arts in a high school at the UNAM. They used to eat vegetarian but stopped awhile ago, though after reading the booklet they decided to do it again and promote it with their students. They asked for a bunch of booklets and our contact information to organize a talk for their students next semester.

Ramón and his girlfriend are vegans; he was very excited to see us and offered to make a donation right there. I told him to give to VO through our web page instead. Gustavo is giving a try to veg eating thanks to the literature; he told us that his classmates had a booklet that they passed around to each other. A single booklet reached out to a whole class!

Arturo, Romina, and Javier at UNAM

In the afternoon, we met Leonel and Zulema who will try veg too. A group of girls and a guy were passing by us and we heard one of them say, “Thanks to that leaflet I’m seriously considering being vegetarian” and another girl celebrated that by raising her arms. After a while, the guy came back and asked for a bunch of booklets to share with friends. His name is Javier [above, right]; he told us that most of his friends are vegetarians and they were very happy because their friend was being serious.

We saw a lot of people shocked by the content of the booklet, even a couple of them crying, and countless were reading. Maybe I wrote too much, but I just couldn’t save this to myself!

—Emmanuel Marquez, 5/21/15


Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to expose and end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution of our booklets promoting plant-based eating and compassion for animals.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

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