Activist Profile: Josh Padilla

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we highlight volunteer Josh Padilla. Josh started leafleting in 2013, though he really ramped up his efforts in the spring of 2014. In the last year alone, Josh has reached over 10,000 students at 17 schools with a Vegan Outreach booklet. Thanks for all your hard work, Josh!

  Josh Padilla

You’re a dedicated volunteer. What is it about leafleting for Vegan Outreach that inspires you to do this so often?

I enjoy leafleting for VO because students do read the booklets and are often very curious about veganism. Leafleting is my way of giving back. I’ve been through some dark, humbling times. I have been very fortunate to come across this info, and I want others to discover how healthy eating plant-based is and how much better it is for the planet and its inhabitants. Leafleting is a very effective form of activism in my opinion.

Full interview here.


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  Fishless filet

Product of the Week

Josh: “Gardein fishless filets. I really like the taste of these. I love that it has all the taste of fish filets but is not an actual dead body.”


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Recent Feedback

Jennifer Pietrzycki [below] and I both work downtown so we met afterwards to leaflet near the cow sculpture in front of the Chicago Cultural Center. A few people stopped with questions including one of the leaders of the Green Party of Quebec who was visiting Chicago. He said they had translated Earthlings into French with a well-known hockey player narrating! One young man initially said no to the leaflet, then said he came back after seeing the cow sculpture.

—Leslie Patterson, 7/6/15

Jennifer Pietrzycki

John Jungenberg, Sandi Swiss, and I had an amazing time leafleting the Morrissey concert in Chicago – so many supportive folks and a lot who were interested in the information!

I met one girl who really wants to go vegan, another who was vegan and wants to get involved, and a lady who wants to donate!

John also talked to some interested people and was recognized from one of our bike / leafleting trips.

—Rachel Shippee, 7/9/15

Below are activists Stephanie Frankle, Kelly Lally, Steve Erlsten, Dain Finn, Jose Elias, Matt Braun, Sindha Agha, Adam Hoffman, Beau Broughton, Natalie Boyston, Jessica Carroll, Karly Placek, Chris Guinn, Lydia Harris, Victoria Morse, and Ryan Frazier at the Warped Tour stop in Mountain View, CA, where they reached 11,784 concertgoers!
Mountain View crew


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