Vegan Outreach Expands to New Zealand!

On July 15, Sam Tucker, VO’s Australia & New Zealand Outreach Coordinator, along with volunteers Dani Metin, Cameron Hoskins, Zane Te Waaka Mita, and Charlotte Duda, handed out 1,800 Vegan Outreach booklets at Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand.

This marked the first time that VO activists leafleted in New Zealand. And thanks to your support, Sam will spend the next few weeks driving throughout New Zealand, reaching thousands of college students with their first introduction to the plight of today’s farmed animals and the importance of vegan eating. We’re so excited to be spreading VO’s effective outreach in New Zealand!

Sam Tucker

Today was my first time back to leafleting after the mid-year break and I couldn’t have asked for a better school to start back at – the students here are super receptive to our message.

I organized with the Veg VUW club on campus so that they had a stall running while I was leafleting. When it was busy, they would help me leaflet, and when things died down, they would staff the stall and engage in more in-depth conversations with people. They got several pages of people signed up to their club – lots of whom said they had gotten a booklet and wanted to learn more about veg eating.

I had a good conversation with a vegetarian who wanted to know if the dairy industry is as bad in NZ as it is overseas, and we discussed the massive variety of non-dairy milks, which she’s keen to give a go and cut out dairy as well.

When I finished leafleting, I already had two Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating requests from students who wanted to go vegan. Lots of people were impressed with the quality of the booklets.

—Sam Tucker, 7/15/15



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Recent Feedback

[Kristi Blazek, Tinya Duffey, Diane Freed, and I] handed out Compassionate Choices before [Bill Maher’s] show started and people were very receptive to the leaflets. A lot of people actually thought we were with Bill Maher; my favorite comment of the night was, “Oh, this is so Bill!”

It was Kristi’s very first time doing any kind of activism and she was awesome! And it was Diane’s first time leafleting – she was a natural too! Before the doors opened for the show, I saw people sitting down reading the literature. All in all, a very successful night!

—Alison Mercer, 7/17/15

Below are activists Brooke Beck, Alicia Townsend, Kathy Beck, Kassy Ortega, Jose Elias, Chris Guinn, Krystin Elize, Stephanie Frankle, Beau Broughton, Armando Perez, and Jordan Fayo at the Warped Tour stop in Dallas, where they reached 9,450 people with Your Choice booklets!
Dallas crew


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