Alex Greenwood: Introverts Make Great Activists

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we interview Alex Greenwood. As an Adopt a College volunteer since the spring of 2009, Alex has reached more than 45,000 students with a Vegan Outreach booklet! Thank you for your dedication to the animals, Alex!

Alex Greenwood

You self-identify as an introvert. How have you managed to be such a successful leafleter, and what would you say to fellow introverts who might be hesitant to get out and leaflet?

I definitely had doubts myself at first, but leafleting and introversion go together better than you would expect. Many prolific leafleters are introverts. In some ways it actually speaks to introvert strengths of self-motivation and dedication to the job and being able to do things without having to be in a big group. Making a plan to leaflet on a specific date helps. Any nervous feelings will wear off quickly once you get going. People are very nice, they either take the leaflet, politely decline it or just ignore you, which are all fine. It’s very rare that anyone is antagonistic. You can say a set line like “Info to help animals” as you offer the leaflet or just smile, either seems to work. Occasionally someone will ask a question, but then you are just talking one on one so it’s not as if you have to suddenly address a crowd. It’s usually something straightforward that is easy to answer, but if you don’t know the answer you can always tell them to go to a website. And even if you do feel a bit nervous at first, do it anyway – the animals need us!

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  David Carter

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Product of the Week

Alex: “If you live in a city with a Chinatown, go check it out. I live near one and find many good items which are cheaper than in mainstream or health food stores, like tofu, gluten and goji berries.”


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Recent Feedback

Dane Charbeneau, Josh Crosby, Elyssa Land, and I had a powerful night of leafleting with video playing at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. We had many conversations with interested folks and moved a lot of Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets. The promenade was packed. One gentleman said his girlfriend was vegetarian and now understood and wanted to go veg. I spoke in a microphone and a crowd of 25 to 30 stopped to listen. Great night!

—Vic Sjodin, 8/8/15

Below (from left) are Isaak Iftikhar, Jennive Torrez, Todd Lee, Kristin Aakvik, Chris Guinn, Vanessa Batyko, Jose Elias, Kelsey Hill, Vic Sjodin, Kyle Fujisawa, Ali Pester, Stephanie Frankle, Rachel Reese, Brenda Calvillo, Nicolas Tomas, and Beau Broughton at the Warped Tour stop in Pomona, CA, where they reached more than 12,000 concertgoers with Your Choice booklets!
Pomona crew


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Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say? – VO President, Jack Norris, RD, will cover the research on disease rates of vegetarians and vegans and discuss the nutrients that are thought to be of special concern on such diets.

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