Toni Okamoto

New Resource: Toni’s Weekly Tips

Vegan Outreach Food & Lifestyle Coordinator, Toni Okamoto, has created a 10-week email series to help people interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Each week, we’ll provide engaging videos, easy-to-follow recipes, and featured vegan products, as well as nutrition tips from Registered Dietitian and VO President, Jack Norris. This will serve as an additional resource to curb veg recidivism and set new vegans up for success!

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  Even If You Like Meat

Updated Booklet: Even If You Like Meat

Even If You Like Meat has gotten a major overhaul – it now has a more modern look, similar to our other booklets. We’ve kept the hard-hitting cover that interests many students, and the booklet still has more pages describing the treatment of farmed animals than Compassionate Choices and Your Choice.

You can view the PDF here.


Recent Feedback

We had a good first day in Mexico this semester. Katia Rodriguez [below, left] joined me the whole day from 8 am to 6 pm at the Universidad de Monterrey. With help from Ana Paula Guajardo, Ilse Aguñaga, and Cindy Saenz, we reached 2,300 students with Fresco booklets.

Katia Rodriguez and Manuel

We met Manuel [above, right], who’s been vegan for 4 years now and was very happy to see us there. Students were very receptive, and we saw many reading the information [a couple shown, below, right].

Karen and readers

Almost at the end of the day, Karen [above, left] came to us on her way to buy a coffee; she said that she wasn’t able to eat the chicken in her salad after reading the booklet, and she is now trying veg eating. On her way back to the classroom, she proudly showed us her coffee and told us it had soy milk.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 8/14/15


One Click Today Helps Animals All Year

Just $10 a month makes a big impact for farmed animals – and it’s as easy as clicking “I would like to make this a recurring donation” on our secure donation form. Your monthly donations mean more vegans – more people speaking up for animals, and fewer animals born into lives of misery. Sign up now!

Monthly donor Alison Mercer


Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to expose and end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution of our booklets promoting plant-based eating and compassion for animals.

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