Activist Profile: Sam Tucker

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we turn our attention to Sam Tucker, VO’s Australia & New Zealand Outreach Coordinator. Since coming on board with VO in March, Sam has already personally reached more than 50,000 students with a Vegan Outreach booklet! Thanks for all you do, Sam!

Sam Tucker

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m originally from Hamilton, New Zealand, and now I travel all around Australia promoting veganism at universities across the country. I started the semester in Brisbane and will be ending it in Adelaide, leafleting at as many universities as I can along the way.

Do you have any advice for those hesitant about leafleting?

Just give it a go and you’ll see for yourself how rewarding and overwhelmingly positive the whole experience is! For every 50–100 booklets you hand out, someone will go vegan, vegetarian or drastically reduce their consumption of animal products.

Considering the average person eats 7,000 animals in their lifetime and that you can get out hundreds or thousands of booklets just by leafleting for a few hours in a busy spot, you can potentially save tens of thousands of animals from a lifetime of suffering in a factory farm every time you hand out Vegan Outreach literature.

Virtually every single day I’m leafleting, people will come back and tell me they’re going vegan or vegetarian after receiving a booklet. Leafleting works, it’s effective, it’s easy and anybody with an hour or so to spare can do it.

Full interview here.


Following Up to Help People Eat Cruelty-Free


Upon receiving a Vegan Outreach booklet, many people order a free Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating for help in taking the next steps. In the Guides are simple meal ideas and recipes, nutrition info, and answers to frequently asked questions. A VO volunteer follows up with each person who orders a Guide, ensuring the booklet’s arrival, offering to answer questions, and inviting them to join VO’s mentor program if they want one-on-one support.

VO’s Treasurer, Yvonne LeGrice, started this project and has been doing it for over a year now. Yvonne recently passed the torch to longtime VO member Jean Bettanny. Thank you, Yvonne and Jean, for your work to inspire new vegetarians and vegans!


Product of the Week

  Vegie Delights

Sam: “I would suggest Vegie Delights crispy chik’n style tenders. They’re part of a range of mock meats made by Life Health Foods (formerly Sanitarium’s Vegie Delights brand). They have lots of vegan products, marked with a green V in a circle, which are available at all supermarkets in Australia. They’re really easy to find, really tasty, and they’re loaded up with iron, protein, and B12.”


From the VO Blog

Student Demand Leads to Expanded Vegan Options


Recent Feedback

It felt so good to get back out in the field. And guess what? The record for any school in the state of Michigan is OURS!

Griselda Mucollari at WSU

The seven of us [Becki Markle, Karen Oberg, Natalie Sienicki, Mitch Rosen, Griselda Mucollari (above), Stephanie Lipari (below, left), and John Oberg] handed out over 4,000 booklets at Wayne State in downtown Detroit. It was the first day of classes, and this is one of my favorite schools in the country. Such a diverse and friendly crowd.

Stephanie Lipari and Griselda Mucollari at WSU

My mom [below] broke her personal record by 79 booklets! Natalie and Mitch’s first time leafleting was at Warped Tour a month or two ago, and they’re eager to join me on campuses this semester. Griselda is a person I met at VegFest, and she was a natural – even leafleting a dump-truck driver [above, right] who was driving through campus for some construction! Becki made the 90-minute drive like a boss. And Stephanie also made a lengthy drive and dealt with a parking nightmare to hold it down for a couple hours. Great day!

—John Oberg, 9/2/15

Karen Oberg at WSU


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