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  Fanny at UANL
  Katia Rodriguez sends these pics from her record-setting day at UANL: Fanny (above) read a booklet and now wants to go veg; and Jorge (below) received a booklet last semester and is now transitioning to veganism and volunteered to leaflet!
  Jorge at UANL

School’s In!

With colleges back in session, VO’s Adopt a College program is back with a vengeance! Already in the fall 2015 semester, 187 activists have handed out 245,572 booklets at 199 schools around the world.

Highlighting some of the individuals responsible for this, we first turn to Steve Erlsten. Already this semester, he’s reached 26,426 students with the animals’ plight throughout Northern California. VO’s other Steve(n), Steven Litrov, has reached 19,558 students in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin! Both Steve and Steven have broken a number of the AAC records for the schools they’ve leafleted.

And on September 7, Katia Rodriguez, a volunteer from Monterrey, Mexico, made VO college-leafleting history by handing out more booklets in a single day than anyone in VO’s two decades of college outreach! At the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Campus Ciudad Universitaria in San Nicolás de los Garza, Katia handed out a whopping 6,496 booklets!

Of course, none of these record-breaking days of outreach would be possible without you, the generous donors who use your hard-earned funds to bring about a better world for the animals. Thank you!


  Tofurky sausage

From the VO Blog

New Video: 5 Vegan BBQ Favorites

Tips for Tabling

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Recent Feedback

My day of leafleting at Eastern Connecticut State University was awesome. This was by far the most enthusiastic group of students I’ve interacted with. I had a lot of students stop and tell me that they were already vegetarian or vegan, and most of those same students expressed a desire to get involved in a student group that focused on raising awareness of farmed animals. Luckily, I had been in touch with a student who is already in the works of starting a group at Eastern, so I was able to exchange students’ information.

Readers at UConn and ECSU

My favorite part of the day was when I was able to have a conversation with and give a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating to a student that made a harsh comment to me at the beginning of the day. He walked by four or five times after he initially made that rude comment, and I think he observed the enthusiasm other students were expressing when I handed them the Your Choice booklets. I could tell he was a little embarrassed, but he ended up approaching me again and proceeded to ask me how he could start reducing his meat intake. He hadn’t heard of any of the faux meat products, or of any of the different types of milk alternatives. We ended up having a great discussion, and he walked away saying that he wanted to try some of the meat and dairy alternatives.

It was very motivating to see such a large number of students express interest in these issues.

—Lori Stultz (below), 9/11/15

Lori Stultz at UConn


Upcoming Event

16th World Veg Festival | San Francisco, CA | October 3–4
VO President, Jack Norris, RD, will be speaking on Sunday, October 4, regarding answers to common nutrition questions that vegans receive.

See Talks, Festivals, & Fundraisers for other upcoming events.


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