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Video: 15 Surprising Vegan Finds at 7-Eleven

Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto at 7-Eleven

Donor Spotlight: Kim Gonsalves
“I had always loved animals and considered being vegetarian since college, but I thought it would be too hard. Eventually I became good friends with someone who was vegan and her dietary life was so easy (and tasty, which I knew from many dinners at her house and going out to dinner together).… She gave me a lot of support, for questions about nutrition and how to veganize certain meals. For me, it was making the connection between how I felt about animals and the choices I was making. Once I made that connection, it was easy for me to simply live by my values.”

  Vic Sjodin

Video: Vic Sjodin at International AR Conference
Victor Sjodin, VO’s Director of International Outreach, recently spoke at the International Animal Rights Conference in Esch, Luxembourg on effective activism, leafleting and staying inspired.

Record-Breaking Day in Michigan!


Links of the Week

BMJ Publishes Error-Laden Attack on Dietary Guidelines Report
Center for Science in the Public Interest responds to meat and dairy-promoting journalist Nina Teicholz’s piece in the British Medical Journal.

Avid Hunter Goes Vegan and Loses 200 lbs


Recent Feedback

Highlight of the day was getting a message from the person in charge of PETA’s “I, Chicken” campaign (a virtual reality depiction of life as a chicken that’s touring across Aussie universities) saying that they had lots of students at the Brisbane universities telling them they hadn’t eaten any meat since they got a Vegan Outreach booklet the other week.

—Sam Tucker, 9/10/15

Stephanie Bustamante at Baruch

Today a group of us handed out booklets faster than ever before at Baruch College, so we will schedule a return visit again soon! Had a few good comments from people who stopped to talk. Grateful for the help of awesome volunteers: Stephanie Bustamante [above], Cassandra Callaghan [below], and Matt Ruscigno!

—Eileen Botti, 9/1/15

Cassandra Callaghan at Baruch


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