Record Pace!

Vegan Outreach’s fall 2015 Adopt a College season is going strong at a record pace! As of October 16, VO activists have reached 693,904 students at 560 schools. This means that we’ve reached 50,000 more individuals this semester than we had reached at the same time during our fall 2014 semester!

Students Roberto and Serena
Above: Roberto (left) decided to go veg after getting a booklet and some tips from Emmanuel Marquez at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí; and at Worcester State, Serena (right) told Lori Stultz that she’s been considering going veg because of her desire to help animals!

Sam Tucker has been opening hearts and minds in Australia and New Zealand – reaching 33,793 students already this semester! And he’s been getting lots of new individuals involved in leafleting, thanks to his welcoming personality and the talks on effective advocacy that he’s been giving.

Down in Mexico, Emmanuel Marquez has been tearing it up. Just last Thursday, Emmanuel and his team reached 13,300 individuals at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. This was the third largest day in Adopt a College history – the first and second largest days already belonging to Emmanuel and his crew!

And back in the States, Lori Stultz has been going from college to college, spreading compassion. Already this semester, she’s reached 31,325 individuals in California, Ohio, West Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey!

In the coming weeks, we’ll highlight the work of other dedicated VO activists. Thanks so much to all of you who donate to Vegan Outreach! Your generosity allows our activists the opportunity to do this important work.


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Recent Feedback

It was a really excellent day at both Anoka-Ramsey Community College and Bethel University today. The take rate was incredible, tons of students were really excited to get a booklet, I met a few vegans, and met one guy [Connor, below] at Anoka-Ramsey who had been considering going vegetarian, but was concerned about getting enough protein. I assured him there was nothing to worry about, gave him a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating and my card, and let him know about our Vegan Mentor Program; and he left seeming really optimistic and at ease. I was also happy to set a new record at Bethel U!

—Steven Litrov, 9/14/15

Connor at ARCC


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