Vegan Outreach Explores Europe

Following the phenomenal success of our Mexico, Australia, and Canada expansions, Vegan Outreach recently did a preliminary tour in Europe. Vic Sjodin, VO’s Director of International Outreach, toured the United Kingdom this September and October, leafleting 30 colleges and universities in Scotland and England.

Leslie at the University of Glasgow and Caryn at RGU
Above (from left) are Leslie, a University of Glasgow student who now wants to go vegan and took extra booklets to share; and Caryn, who also wants to go vegan after reading a booklet at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland!

Over 30,000 new hearts and minds were reached with the case for compassion. The tour started in Glasgow and went all the way to Southampton, stopping many places in between.

Alexandra Meeks, Jane Land, Sally Thompson, Vic Sjodin, and Kim Moffatt at the University of Leeds
Above (from left) are Alexandra Meeks, Jane Land, Sally Thompson, Vic Sjodin, and Kim Moffatt at the University of Leeds.

In Leeds, for example, 4,000 students were reached by Vic, Kimberly Moffatt, Alexandra Meeks, Sally Thompson, Jane Land, Dara Wetton (below, right), and Bethany Mills (below, left). Bethany is a vegan law student who saw people leafleting for the animals and joined on the spot for the next two hours.

Bethany Mills and Dara Wetton at the University of Leeds

There were many other great days of outreach. Eve Massie joined Vic and Kim at the University of Warwick, an elite school where another 3,850 students were reached with booklets, including Samuel (below, right), who now wants to go vegan, and Ritaora (below, left), who also wants to go veg, among many others.

Ritaora and Samuel at the University of Warwick

Eve, Vic, and Kim even leafleted the birthplace of veganism, Leicester, England, reaching 1,625 students where the term “vegan” was first coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, at first to mean “non-dairy vegetarian” and later “the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals.”

Thank you for your continued support, which made this fruitful trip possible! The more we grow, the more we can expand to other nations and prevent millions more animals from suffering, as we expose more students around the globe to this beautiful way of eating and living. Next up, Vegan Outreach will do our first tour of India this coming spring semester.


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Recent Feedback

From Vic Sjodin:

A very special day! Yvonne LeGrice reached her 100,000th animal-saving VO booklet handed out to students today at Cal State Los Angeles! That is a whole lot of lives changed. That is many early mornings and long days. Truly a tremendous accomplishment for a volunteer. Thank you, Yvonne.

Yvonne LeGrice and Vic Sjodin at CSULA

I still had some vestigial UK slang embedded in me. I kept saying “Cheers” after someone took a booklet. It was refreshing to have a 99% take-rate after the more difficult UK leafleting. I saw an astounding amount of people reading. So many were discussing the literature – it was awesome!

Emmy Jones is a high school student who helped me leaflet for 15 minutes when it was slower and wants to leaflet again. I also spoke to several interested students, including Jose, who was vegetarian and wants to go back to being veggie and try veganism. I spoke to another interested athlete who had read the Compassionate Athlete.

Emmy Jones, Vic Sjodin, Yvonne LeGrice, and Kim Moffatt at CSULA
Above (from left) are Emmy Jones, Vic Sjodin, Yvonne LeGrice, and Kim Moffatt at CSULA.

Phenomenal day, over 4,000 fertile minds reached, and Yvonne reaching 100K was truly special. We then celebrated with a fast-casual feast at Veggie Grill. Thank you, Yvonne, for getting up early and joining us today, and congratulations on reaching your goal. Just absolutely amazing! What an uplifting day!

Lastly, huge thanks as always to my partner Kim for joining out of the goodness and sincerity of her heart, getting up early and grinding it out for the cause, not for attention or remuneration. I’m very thankful for her efforts and assistance today and every day.

—Vic Sjodin, 10/19/15


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