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Activist Profile: Thomas Goodman

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we turn to Thomas Goodman, Outreach Coordinator for Vegan Outreach. Thomas just wrapped up his first tour for Vegan Outreach, traveling throughout Canada and Upstate New York, leafleting at college campuses. During the course of his seven weeks on the road, Thomas and his crew reached 60,586 students at 39 schools. Wow!

Thomas Goodman

You’ve been on the road for close to two months. How do you continue to stay motivated week after week?

Time is of the essence with thousands of farmed animals sent to slaughter each minute. Depending on my location, I will sometimes witness multiple transport trucks in one afternoon, and that continues to fuel my devotion to activism – to ensure that fewer such animals will have to endure this gruesome fate.

What’s been your favorite leafleting moment so far?

While leafleting at Syracuse University, a gentleman relayed that a Your Choice booklet from the previous tour changed his life in many aspects. He stated that he no longer eats meat and is now encouraging his friends and family to reduce their meat consumption. Clearly, he was visibly moved by the booklet and wanted me to continue this work because it had that much of an impact on his own life.

Full interview here.

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Product of the Week

Thomas: “Being on the road, I like to keep meals simple and affordable. This can lead to bland dinners from time to time, so I strongly encourage anyone to indulge in Huy Fong sriracha hot chili sauce! This adds some much needed flair to a black beans and rice combo any day of the week.”


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Video: Vegan Yogurt Taste Test

Video: Vegan Yogurt Taste Test

Recipe: Vegan Goulash

Recipe: Vegan Goulash


Recent Feedback

I talked to Monique again at Sonoma State. She went vegan after talking to me the past two semesters! She has been struggling with the non-vegan partner issue, but she seemed optimistic after I gave her a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating!

—Steve Erlsten, 11/18/15


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