Thank You, Jon, John, and Kassy!

Today Vegan Outreach is saying thank you to three people who have done great work for Vegan Outreach and are moving on to work at The Humane League.

Jon Camp has given Vegan Outreach eleven amazing years of dedication and hard work for animals.

Jon Camp at SRU in 2005
Above is Jon handing out Even If You Like Meat at Slippery Rock University back in fall 2005.

Jon was our first paid leafleter, starting out by moving to New Jersey to travel to schools in that region. Jon quickly made it his goal to ensure all the big schools in the US were leafleted on a regular basis. He went on to hand out over one million booklets and to be inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame.

Below (from left) are Nathan Runkle, Erica Meier, Jack Norris, Jon Camp, and Alex Hershaft at the 2014 Animal Rights Hall of Fame ceremony.
2014 Animal Rights Hall of Fame ceremony
Photo courtesy of Cara Frye / FARM

Jon has taken a position with The Humane League, an organization VO works closely with each semester to make sure as many schools are leafleted as possible. We look forward to working with Jon in his new role with THL!

Thank you, Jon, for your many years of service, for helping to bring VO to where it is today, for your personal friendship, and for your dedication to reducing animal suffering!

John Oberg and Rosa at Grand Rapids VegFest 2015

John Oberg (above) has set some amazing records in leafleting – he’s the first and only person to hand out over 200,000 booklets in a single school year. John took VO’s social media presence to a new level – we have more than 10 times the Facebook followers we did when he took over less than two years ago. John was also instrumental in coming up with our current logo and colors and creating the current Compassionate Choices.

John, we will miss your great enthusiasm and savvy strategizing – thank you for all you’ve done!

Leaflet Like a Pro!

Kassy Ortega has leafleted on 392 different occasions and at 114 different schools, handing out over 224,000 booklets. Kassy has been a huge part of Warped Tour leafleting, was instrumental in creating the very popular Compassionate Athlete booklet, and helped create and stars in the best leafleting meme ever (above).

Kassy, we will miss your positive energy and effective activism!

We at Vegan Outreach know all three of you will have great success at The Humane League and we are very grateful for your service to VO and your inspirational dedication to helping animals.

Jack Norris, President


Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to expose and end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution of our booklets promoting plant-based eating and compassion for animals.

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