Español Site Launched!

As you’ve probably seen, Vegan Outreach has been very active in Mexico, led by our Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez.

We’re now excited to announce that Emmanuel and VO’s Spanish Media Editor, Katia Rodriguez, have created an Español section for the VO site, complete with an article about how to get active leafleting, a translation of Jack Norris, RD’s, nutrition Tips for New Vegans, and a number of delicious recipes!

Hotcakes and banana bread

And don’t forget to refer Spanish speakers to VO’s Spanish Facebook page!

You can read about Emmanuel and Katia’s amazing outreach in our blog post Fall 2015: Emmanuel Marquez and Katia Rodriguez.

Thank you, Emmanuel and Katia, for all you’re doing to bring a compassionate lifestyle to Mexico!


  Why Vegan

Why Vegan Updated

Why Vegan was our most popular booklet for many years. Today, it remains our booklet with the most info about animal ag along with footnotes. Our latest version became available last week, and the two dated investigations in the middle spread have been replaced with more recent investigations by Compassion Over Killing.

You can use this form to order booklets.


Link of the Week

Mortality Rates of Vegetarians and Vegans
A large UK study found similar mortality rates between vegetarians and meat eaters at first glance, but if you dig a bit, there appears to be some protection for vegetarians.


From the VO Blog

How Do You Vegan? Ahnika Leroy on Being Vegan in the Dorms

Recipe: Veggie Pot Pies
An easy comfort meal from Sharon Palmer, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian.™

Recipe: Veggie Pot Pies

Easy Vegan Dessert Idea

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen
Cookbook review and interview with Richa Hingle.

Richa Hingle

The Taco Cleanse
Cookbook review by Lisa Rimmert.

The Taco Cleanse


Recent Feedback

From Emmanuel Marquez:

Vic Sjodin and Adrian Lopez joined me at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California for the closure of the tour. Adrian did an amazing job [below, left] – he is a great animal rights activist, and he has leafleted before but it was his first time doing it for farmed animals. The three of us reached 2,800 people.

Adrian Lopez and students at UABC Tijuana

Alejandro [below, left] is a vegetarian; he thanked us for being there and asked for a bunch of booklets to share with his classmates. Alondra [below, center] decided to go veg after getting informed by the booklet she received. Janet [below, right] is a vegan who was very happy to see us there.

Many people were reading the booklet [one, above, right], and some showed interest in the topic. It’s nice to see how Tijuana, and Mexico in general, is changing. With a steadily increasing number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over the country, you can tell the culture is changing, and it’s nice to know we are taking part in that change.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 11/26/15

Alejandro, Alondra, and Janet at UABC Tijuana


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