Adopt a College 2016 Begins!

Adopt a College activists have started off their winter leafleting with a bang! Despite inclement weather in many parts, activists have been to 82 schools, giving booklets to 79,247 students.

Steve Erlsten has gotten things moving in northern California, while Steven Litrov is hitting some schools in his hometown of Los Angeles before embarking on his eastern US tour. Yuri Mitzkewich has been busy in Florida, while Lori Stultz started her touring in Arizona, and Thomas Goodman is off to the races in Pennsylvania.

The Humane League has also been active in many areas, and we’re grateful for all their leafleting!

Vic Sjodin and Kimberly Moffatt

But the people farthest from home this semester are Vic Sjodin and Kimberly Moffatt (above) – they’ve embarked on their 10-week tour of India! You can read about their remarkable start in Vic’s article VO Embarks on Tour of India. Excerpt:

During my talk, the excitement for starting more leafleting in India was palpable. I was profoundly inspired by the activists we met, and rode their enthusiasm through the day. One listener, Amit [below, center], made the highlight of my trip so far by telling me, “You’ve got your first convert in India.” After the talk he decided to go vegan, and he also leafleted with us that day.
Shweta Sood, Amit Kumar, and Milint
Above (from left) are FIAPO activist Shweta Sood at Aryabhatta College; new vegan and activist Amit Kumar at Hauz Khas Village; and Milint, a freshman at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), who told Shweta that he’s never eating non-vegetarian again; and below is Vic Sjodin speaking at IITD. See our Facebook album for more photos.
Vic Sjodin’s talk at IITD

Thank you, Adopt a College activists, for all your amazing dedication, and thank you, donors, for allowing all of this to happen!


From the VO Blog

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Recent Feedback

Vegan Outreach supporters Russell and Meredith had dinner with us recently, and Russell said he reads this e-newsletter every week, has for many years, and always finds something useful in it.

Hello, Russell and Meredith, and thank you for all you do for VO!

—Jack Norris, President, 1/20/16

Alix Pulido at Cerritos College

Awesome first day of my spring trudge with three of the MFA intern department’s finest! The traffic at Cerritos College was flowing and friendly all day, and all three interns did a pretty spectacular job with their first or second time leafleting.

Alix Pulido [above] was incredibly ambitious, making sure to get everyone who dared to cross her; Xiaoyu Lu [below, left] surprised me, going from a chill, soft-spoken demeanor to also getting everyone who crossed her with some of the biggest enthusiasm I’ve seen; and I felt like I was watching myself seeing David Pinski [below, right] leaflet! I personally had no interactions to write home about aside from a few students telling me they’re vegetarian, but David shared with me that a student asked him for a booklet, talked about it, and said he was going to do some research; and both Alix and Xiaoyu came across students interested in volunteering!

—Steven Litrov, 1/11/16

Xiaoyu Lu and David Pinski at Cerritos College


The Blizzard Is Over and the VO Benefit at Great Sage Is On!

VO Benefit at Great Sage | Clarksville, MD | Sunday, January 31
Great Sage Vegan Restaurant will be donating 10% of all sales to Vegan Outreach! Brunch 10:00 am–3:00 pm; lite fare 3:00 pm–5:00 pm; and dinner 5:00 pm–9:00 pm. Reservations welcome: 443.535.9400. Address: 5809 Clarksville Square Drive, Clarksville, MD 21029.


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