Activist Profile: Emmanuel Marquez

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we talk to Vegan Outreach’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez. Since he began in January 2015 as our first full-time Outreach Coordinator in Mexico, Emmanuel has been an invaluable asset to the Vegan Outreach team. On the first stop of his initial tour, he had a record-breaking day at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, passing out 5,500 booklets in one session! Emmanuel has now leafleted 137 different schools, reaching more than 144,000 students. Take a moment to get to know Emmanuel a little better below.

Emmanuel Marquez

What got you interested in animal rights and veganism?

Growing up, I constantly shared my home with dogs, fish, hamsters, and many other animals. I learned to love all of them – even insects, reptiles, and others that many people don’t like. Some years ago, I saw a video on the Internet about factory farming. I was shocked and outraged, and I decided to change my diet immediately. I also felt the urge to share what I had just learned. As soon as I finished watching the video, I showed it to my brothers, and they are now vegan.

How is the response to VO literature in Mexico?

It is wonderful. When I’m on tour, almost every day I get to meet someone who is interested in changing their eating habits to help animals, thanks to a leaflet they’ve received from us. It’s sometimes overwhelming to see so many students reading the booklets on a campus we are visiting!

Full interview here.


  Chunky Monkey

Links of the Week

Ben & Jerry’s Adds Vegan Options!
Check out these flavors:

Chunky Monkey (Wait, can that be vegan?)
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
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Congratulations to lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project, who got this campaign started back in 2003 with Viva!USA; to Nora Kramer of YEA Camp, who worked hard on the campaign in the early years, as described in her article What Vegan Ice Cream Can Teach Us About Changing the World; to Jenny Foy and Doug Reed for their petition; and to FARM for promoting the petition!

Hellmann’s Gives Vegan a Go after Suing Eggless Spread Maker
Excerpt from the Washington Post:

Although Unilever ended up dropping its lawsuit against Hampton Creek, the case made the labeling of “mayonnaise” and “mayo” a surprisingly contested affair. Soon after the legal tussle made headlines, it was discovered that Unilever was editing [its] own website so that some references to “mayonnaise” were changed to “mayonnaise dressing.” It turns out that some [of] Hellmann’s own products wouldn’t qualify as mayonnaise either under existing guidelines.

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Products of the Week

Emmanuel: “I have so many favorite vegan products! To name a few: Just Mayo, deshebrada de Soi-Yah!, Gardein fishless filets, and So Delicious turtle trails ice cream!”

Emmanuel’s favorite vegan productsJust MayoDeshebrada de Soi-Yah!Gardein fishless filetsSo Delicious turtle trails


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Video: Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizza

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A great comfort-food recipe from Justin Lewis.

Vegan Soul Food in Denver
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Vegan soul food from Love, Peace & Sol Cafe

Cook the Pantry by Robin Robertson
VO’s Toni Okamoto tries Robin’s recipes for minestrone and BBQ jackfruit.

Minestrone and BBQ jackfruit


Recent Feedback

From Emmanuel Marquez:

At the Universidad Emiliano Zapata, Katia Rodriguez and I visited 24 classrooms and handed a booklet to each and every one of the students and teachers in them, followed by a brief speech on the content of the brochure: how not eating animals is healthy, what sort of meals they already eat that are veg, and invited them to join the thousands of people who are changing their diets to help animals.

Emmanuel Marquez with UNEZ class

Students were interacting quite a lot, and were really curious and focused on what we were saying. While Katia was handing out the leaflets, there was a student telling her that he always wanted to be a vegetarian but didn’t know where to start; he thanked us for being there. We met around four students who were already vegetarian, and two students asked for a couple more leaflets to share with their families.

UNEZ students

Later that day, we received a message on VO’s Spanish Facebook page from one of the students of this university, asking us to guide her because she wants to go vegetarian. We directed her to the new Spanish section of the VO web site. She then wrote a two-page-long Word document telling us about her experience studying agronomy, and how she dropped out as she couldn’t stand the idea of killing animals; she thanked us for attending, and she’s now trying to go vegetarian.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 1/26/16


Upcoming Event

Vegan Mac ’n Cheese Smackdown | Baltimore, MD | Saturday, February 20
Mark your calendars and prepare for a food coma! It’s the 1st Annual Vegan Mac ’n Cheese Smackdown presented by PEP Foods (a fantastic collective of vegan businesses in the Baltimore area). You can go to eat, you can enter your best vegan mac recipe to win, you can fill up your Instagram feed for the day, and you can meet a ton of new people who care about animals and delicious food!

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