Australia Site Launched is a new section of Vegan Outreach’s website featuring tips for going vegan from Sam Tucker, VO’s Australia & New Zealand Outreach Coordinator. The first two articles are Eating Vegan in Australia – Vegan Meat and Eating Vegan in Australia – Dairy and Egg Alternatives. We’ll include links in this e-newsletter as more are released.

Eating Vegan in Australia – Vegan Meat

Our vegan mentorship program, which now has almost 500 mentors and over 700 mentees, is also active in Australia, so pass the word on to any potential Australian mentors and mentees. Thank you!


Adopt a College and India Tour Update

Adopt a College leafleters, facing the cold in the East (and the heat in the West!), have handed booklets to 218,830 students at 236 schools so far this semester! Here are just a few highlights…

At Indiana University of Pennsylvania, VO Outreach Coordinator Thomas Goodman reached more than 1,000 students in a single day:

It was a fast-moving, snow-filled Friday on campus. A group of three individuals came back after receiving a booklet and expressed their recent interest in going vegetarian and the booklet came at a good time!

Quadris and Annie

At Santa Fe College, VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, Yuri Mitzkewich, teamed with Rachel Shippee and activists from Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, reaching 1,850 students:

One student, Quadris [above, left], came back with his Compassionate Athlete and told us he’d been thinking of giving up meat for a while, and took meeting us as a sign it was time to stop! He got lots of good pointers on shopping and good recipe-resource ideas to get him started.

And at the University of West Florida, Yuri met Annie (above, right):

I had an amazing conversation with her, sharing what I feel are the benefits I enjoy from being vegan. She not only decided she was ready to try it, but even took extra info to share with her brother too! The best of a few very promising interactions we scored on campus today!

Activists and students at IBF

Vic Sjodin, VO’s Director of Outreach, and Kimberly Moffatt continue their massive tour in India, where they and their volunteers have handed out 28,071 booklets at 21 schools, as well as another 19,805 booklets at 12 different off-campus venues.

On Saturday, February 6, Vic and Kim teamed with Shweta Sood, Richa Mehta, and Ana Kato, handing out 2,800 booklets at the 19th Indian Birding Fair at Man Sagar Lake (above) and Gaurav Towers Mall in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Vic reports:

The bird fair was fantastic. The local AR group here, Raksha, which is affiliated with FIAPO, had a booth promoting being veg. Nearly everyone attending the fair was in their school uniform. They loved Kim [below] and surrounded her and asked her questions for a while. The kids surrounded us several times and were generally adorable, shouting “bye” and waving when they ran to the buses. The fair was also in a beautiful place on a raised embankment facing the Water Palace, a palace rising from the water in the middle of a large lake. There were birds all around. We saw many readers of the literature and almost no discards. We also met many local activists and spoke to many kids about why we were here and why being veg is better.

Kim and students at IBF

For more photos of outreach at the birding fair, see Raksha’s Facebook album. And for more on VO’s work in Jaipur, be sure to read Vic’s latest blog post, Leafleting and Selfies in Rajasthan, India.


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From the VO Blog

Donor Spotlight: Steven Rouk
VO donor Steven Rouk regales us with stories of how he came to be vegan, what barriers he sees to getting young people involved in philanthropy, and why he donates to reduce animal suffering.

Steven Rouk

Life as a Traveling Outreach Coordinator with Lori Stultz: Time in Arizona
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Vegan pho at Pho Cao

Only Goodness Inside Deodorant
VO’s Office Manager, Josie Moody, reviews My Goodness vegan deodorant.

My Goodness deodorants


From VO’s Social Media Sites

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Recent Feedback

Met a young woman [at Oregon State University] who excitedly told me that receiving a pamphlet from me previously (determined it was a Compassionate Choices) had a big impact on her. She is not veg yet but making changes in this direction. Gave her two more booklets for further inspiration.…

Yesterday was a milestone of sorts. Cobie [deLespinasse] and I together have given out 100,000 booklets. We are regular leafleting partners, so combining our numbers seems fitting since it highlights the power of team work.

—Nettie Schwager, 1/28/16

Below (from left) are Nettie and Cobie at Portland Community College; and a student Cobie met at Clackamas Community College, who stopped eating eggs because of a booklet!
Nettie, Cobie, and CCC student


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