Vegan Outreach Is Expanding!

by Jack Norris, President

On behalf of the board and staff of Vegan Outreach, I’m thrilled to announce a partnership with Paige and David Carter and the launch of our Community Expansion Program!

David Carter

Our movement is growing, and it’s an exciting time to be vegan – but we’re still too darn small. When we watch videos of animals being beaten and killed in factory farms and slaughterhouses, we feel tremendous pressure to do more. To make change happen faster. So we’re taking a deep breath and starting a new program we’ve been planning for the last 9 months.

Paige Carter

Our movement is largely white. While we inspire new vegans all the time, there are entire communities who are not hearing our message, because ours can appear to be a movement only for white people. Of course this is unintentional, but it’s up to us to fix. And yes, it’s scary to address this. But we have to. We can do better – for the animals counting on us, and because it’s the right thing to do for people.

If we as a movement can become more welcoming and inclusive – which means learning to recruit, hire, and promote non-white people (and more women) into positions of leadership – think how many more people we could reach with a message of compassion for animals!

Study after study has shown that the more diverse a company is, the more effective it is, and the bigger market share it gains. We want a bigger market share. We want more vegans. We have to get more vegans to win a better future for animals.

Paige and David Carter are joining our staff to help us take the first step of a long journey – and we’re thrilled they’re willing and able to help us!

Video: VO Just Got Bigger!

Please check out this short video of my visit with David and Paige last week to get our feet wet with some leafleting. David, Paige, and I leafleted at UCLA and CSU Los Angeles, and Yvonne LeGrice joined David and me to leaflet Los Angeles Valley College. In all, we gave booklets to 3,699 students – not too shabby considering how many people wanted to stop and talk to David!

And stay tuned for more announcements about our Community Expansion Program in the coming weeks!


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Tofu scramble

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From VO’s Social Media Sites

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Recent Feedback

From VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, Yuri Mitzkewich:

Rainy day of leafleting at the College of Charleston to begin this week. Waves were coming through, but thankfully the heaviest of it was in shorter spurts. Braving the conditions, I was happy having Lauren Walker join me. Together we handed out 1,286 booklets, and both of us had interested students stopping to talk to us through the afternoon.

The best part was meeting Jade [below, left], who stopped to say she was already vegetarian 6 months now – from getting a Your Choice here on campus last semester! Very cool, and good to see she was very happy with the decision. She even said she may be wanting to go further from this now and try eating full vegan. Another success story for VO!

Jade and Tia

On Thursday, I had a fun and productive return visit to Benedict College, with almost 40% of the students getting a leaflet! I had some awesome conversations, a couple with students remembering me from last semester. I also got a few shout-outs, and students thanking me for the info, saying how interesting they found it. A few even saying they’d decided to get salads from the campus BK because of receiving one!

Towards the end of the day I met Tia [above, right], a student who got a Your Choice in the morning and kept passing by my spot on and off all day. When I was getting ready to wrap it up, I asked her if she’d read the leaflet and what she thought. She said it was very compelling, and was interested to try eating more vegetarian foods, only it was not easily doable for her, because of living with family who aren’t veg. We talked a while about all the options available close by, plus some of the resources available, and she opened up more and more to the idea. After giving her some good ideas to get started, she said she’d be giving it a go, reducing her animal consumption 50%. An encouraging end to the interaction, especially for a student coming from her family background.

Awesome day all in all, and great to find such a receptive audience here!

—Yuri Mitzkewich, 2/22/16


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