Community Expansion Program Update

Thank you for all the positive responses and well wishes after last week’s announcement! Read on for more good news about India and upcoming events.


Welcome Pooja Rathor – VO’s India Outreach Coordinator!

With the success of our ongoing nationwide inaugural tour of India, Vegan Outreach is proud to announce we’ll have a permanent presence there from now on with the hiring of Pooja Rathor, our new India Outreach Coordinator.

Pooja Rathor

India has a strong tradition of vegetarianism but meat consumption has been increasing. Industrialized farming abuse of hens and dairy cows is growing at an alarming rate. Vegan Outreach is empowering activists like Pooja to stem the tide by reaching hundreds of thousands of receptive students with the vegan message.

Pooja is a resident of Dwarka, a city in the greater New Delhi area. Always an animal lover, she became her family’s first vegetarian at the precocious age of 4 and is now the first vegan in the family.

Pooja takes care of more than 50 stray dogs in Dwarka, as well as 4 cows. She’s also helping VO’s Vic Sjodin care for some of the local children living on the streets of Dwarka, such as Rahul (below), by buying them clothes and sending them to school for the first time.

Vic Sjodin with Rahul

Pooja has a dual degree in computer science and fashion design. Beyond animal rights and sharing veganism, she has a passion for promoting cruelty-free clothing and cosmetics.

Thank you, Pooja, for being a part of Vegan Outreach and helping us prevent and reduce animal suffering in more places and reach new communities!

And thank you, VO donors, for allowing us to hire Pooja and do this critical work in India!


Upcoming Community Expansion Program Events

Vegan Outreach is proud to sponsor the Intersectional Justice conference at the beautiful Whidbey Institute, March 25–27 in Clinton, WA. There are 20 spots left if you want to hurry and sign up! In addition to a great lineup of speakers, we’ll have three staff members (Paige Carter, David Carter, and Alex Bury) and one board member (Lauren Sprang) there to listen, learn and network. If you attend, be sure to find us and say hello!

Paige Carter, David Carter, Alex Bury, and Lauren SprangPaige CarterDavid CarterAlex BuryLauren Sprang

David and Paige Carter will also be at the Meatout 2016 Festival presented by the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas in DeSoto, TX, on March 19. If you haven’t seen David speak, trust us – you want to!


Congratulations, Cobie and Nettie!

VO’s Director of Development, Lisa Rimmert, and President, Jack Norris, were lucky enough to have dinner in Portland this past weekend with two longtime Adopt a College volunteers – Cobie deLespinasse and Nettie Schwager. Lisa and Jack presented Nettie and Cobie with a Certificate of Achievement for handing out 100,000 booklets over the course of the last eight years. Thank you for spreading a compassionate diet to so many people, Nettie and Cobie!

Below (from left) are Lisa Rimmert, Cobie deLespinasse, Nettie Schwager, and Jack Norris.
Lisa Rimmert, Cobie deLespinasse, Nettie Schwager, and Jack Norris


Link of the Week

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Eating Vegan in Australia – Fast Food
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  Vegorama pizza  

Video: Traffic Talk
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From VO’s Social Media Sites

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Recent Feedback

Today was an interesting day. A lot of people at Banaras Hindu University wanted to know about the cause. The local vendors and rickshaw-pullers came up to get the leaflets. A girl told me that 5 months ago she turned vegetarian, and she was thanking me for promoting it. Many guys came up to ask me about why I’m doing this, and how it will help in the long run. A few said they are already vegetarian, and they feel happy about it. The police were helpful. More than 6 students asked me how they can also join the movement. A guy took 10 leaflets with him because he wanted to show the content to his non-veg friends, and he told me that he was already telling his friends to turn vegetarian. A few groups were talking about being vegetarian with each other after I gave them the leaflets.

It was a good day. Thank you for reading my first report!

—Pooja Rathor, 1/31/16

Below is Pooja at Hindu College with the first student of the tour who came back after reading his booklet to say thank you and “I am never eating meat again.”
Pooja Rathor and new vegetarian at Hindu College

Pooja Rathor, Kimberly Moffatt, Saurabh Sonkar, our driver Mukesh Patel, and I handed out 3,400 booklets today at Banaras Hindu University, one of biggest campuses in Asia.

One professor asked us for 65 booklets to give to his class and said he supported what we are doing. We spoke to dozens of students that had questions, probably more than 50. Three times while explaining why we promote veg eating, little groups formed. Several students asked for a few more to show their friends. Super nice students again and 99.5% take rate. We saw innumerable readers and many reading cover to cover.

My favorite part of the day was when a massive bull helped funnel foot traffic to Kim [below] for 15 minutes or so. I like to think he was helping out on purpose.

There is a large amount of street animals in Varanasi, especially cows, who can be seen lounging or rummaging through trash regularly. In gridlock traffic, a bull just sits in the road as people weave around, and it’s no big deal. Sometimes 3 or 4 just sit in a traffic lane.

Truly epic day of outreach – feel we saved a lot of animals today and made many new friends.

—Vic Sjodin, 2/1/16

Kim Moffatt and bull at BHU


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