More Mexico!

We’re happy to report that Katia Rodriguez, our former Spanish Media Editor Intern, is now our full-time Mexico Campaigns & Spanish Media Coordinator! Some of Katia’s many projects will be to launch the Vegan Mentor Program for Spanish-speaking countries, run our Spanish social media, do Pay Per View events, and increase vegan entrees in Mexico’s restaurants. In the meantime, our Español page continues to increase the resources available for Spanish speakers.

Katia Rodriguez

And in Mexico City, VO volunteers Joselyn Aguilar and Francisco Guzman tabled at the Gato Fest cat festival!

Joselyn Aguilar and Francisco Guzman at the Gato Fest


Semester Down Under: Up and at ’Em!

VO’s Australia & New Zealand Outreach Coordinator, Sam Tucker, has begun his semester with a bang! Since his tour started on February 29, Sam has been to 6 schools, and he and volunteers have already handed booklets to 11,160 students. Sam reports:

Great start to the semester here in Australia: lots of volunteers, lots of leaflets handed out, and lots of conversations with people interested in taking steps towards going vegan. Also met a few more people who are keen to get involved in leafleting.

Below is Sam at Swinburne University of Technology, where he and volunteers kicked off Australia’s spring semester by handing out 2,500 booklets – a new one-day campus record!
Sam Tucker


David Carter Speaks to Arizona Students

Last week, VO staffer and 300#Vegan superstar, David Carter, traveled to Arizona for some great vegan outreach.

David Carter and ASU students

The Humane Society of the United States set up a talk for David to give to ASU students about going vegan, and while there he visited Laveen Elementary School. The entire school learned about vegan eating, being kind to animals, and how to be strong without eating meat!

David Carter and Laveen students

Here’s a note from Mr. Tucker, the wonderful Laveen Elementary School teacher who made this happen:

Thank you again for everything you all have done! I broke down in tears when I got home that night, thanking God for what we all were able to contribute to our kids. Let’s keep moving forward with the change for our next generation! We all have so much knowledge on the truth and are awake in this world. We can change and make history with staying united and being a voice for those who need it most…our kids. I will be putting together another event towards the end of the school year in May. So many of my kids have turned to the vegan lifestyle and live the supreme expression of life…LOVE. They now know that society does not have to take a life to gain muscle and health.

We’re thrilled to be working closely with David and Paige Carter to reach more people with the message of compassion for animals. Thank you, Vegan Outreach donors, for making this work possible!

  David Carter

Keep an eye out every Wednesday for this e-newsletter. In addition to the two talks below, we’ll be announcing a ton of new events in the coming weeks.


Upcoming Events

VO’s Motivational Speaker & Diversity Specialist, David Carter, has two upcoming speaking events:

Penn State
Monday, March 14, 7 pm
102 Thomas Building, State College, PA 16802

NYU Environmental Humanities: Vegan Athletes
Tuesday, March 22, 5–7 pm
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10003


Thank You, Tofurky!

Recently, VO’s President, Jack Norris, Board Member Melissa Li, and Director of Development, Lisa Rimmert, visited our friends at Tofurky for lunch and a tour of their award-winning environmentally friendly facility in Hood River, OR. Tofurky is a great supporter of VO and has been providing tasty vegan food to the masses for over 21 years! Thank you, Founder, Seth Tibbott, President, Jaime Athos, Director of Charitable Giving, Rachel Perman, and everyone else at Tofurky!

Lisa Rimmert, Jaime Athos, Seth Tibbott, Jack Norris, and Rachel Perman
Above (from left) are Lisa Rimmert, Jaime Athos, Seth Tibbott, Jack Norris, and Rachel Perman; and below (from left) are Lisa Rimmert, Rachel Perman, Seth Tibbott, and Melissa Li.
Lisa Rimmert, Rachel Perman, Seth Tibbott, and Melissa Li


Donate Your Airline Miles to VO!

Your donated airline miles help VO put more money toward outreach – spreading compassion and sparing more animals from suffering. If you have extra miles and want to use them to help animals, contact


From the VO Blog

Life as a Traveling Outreach Coordinator with Lori Stultz: Time in Texas
VO’s Lori Stultz shares some of her experiences leafleting, sightseeing, and checking out vegan-friendly restaurants in Texas.

Video: What I Eat Vegan in a Day
Need some inspiration for what to eat? Our Food & Lifestyle Coordinator, Toni Okamoto, and Facebook & Instagram Manager, Michelle Cehn, show you a sample meal plan.

Video: What I Eat Vegan in a Day

Terri in NYC
Guest reviewer Cynthia King takes you inside the new Midtown East location of Terri, a fast-serve plant-based cafe in NYC.

Terri in NYC

Video: The Butcher’s Son
Check out this new all-vegan delicatessen and bakery in Berkeley, CA, complete with delicious house-made mozzarella!

The Butcher’s Son


From VO’s Social Media Sites

VO has now surpassed 100K Instagram followers and 500K Facebook Likes! If you’re looking for memes to share with friends and family, be sure to check out this Facebook post that’s been one of our most popular in the last week or so.


Recent Feedback

Dilan Fernando, Jenny Li, Kieran Watkins, and I handed out 2,220 booklets at Monash University, setting a new one-day record for the Clayton campus. The highlight of the day was someone telling me they got a booklet from us last year and have been vegan ever since!

—Sam Tucker, 3/3/16

Emily at UMD
Above: Longtime Team Vegan member Emily had a 100% acceptance rate while leafleting a recent Al Gore talk at the University of Maryland!


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