Freezin’ for a Reason: Adopt a College Update

Our vegucation of the nation marches on despite any and all of the elements. Many of our hardworking Outreach Coordinators and volunteers in the US have braved frigid temperatures to reach students with a case for evolution to a vegan diet. In total, Adopt a College activists have handed out 457,949 booklets thus far this semester!

Megan Holtz, Steven Litrov, Caroline Bennett, and Edward Mehrez at Cornell
Above (from left) are Megan Holtz, Steven Litrov, Caroline Bennett, and Edward Mehrez at Cornell University – along with two more activists from Cornell Students for Animal Rights, they got out nearly 1,000 booklets on a freezing Friday earlier this month!

Currently leading our efforts is Yuri Mitzkewich, who has reached 38,220 students in the Southeastern US. The indefatigable Steve Erlsten has reached another 33,045 students in California. Thomas Goodman, armed with hand warmers and many layers, has reached 27,958 students in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota. So far Steven Litrov has interacted with 23,927 students in California, New Jersey, and Upstate New York. And Lori Stultz has handed a booklet to another 19,953 students in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Kentucky.

We thank all our Outreach Coordinators and volunteers for their efforts in the colder months of the spring semester, by far the hardest time to leaflet. We’re proud that wherever there are college students – be it in Laredo, Texas, or Ithaca, New York, or Saginaw, Michigan, or anywhere in between – we’re speaking up for the animals thanks to them – and of course all the donors who make this vital work possible.


Social Media Success!

During our current leafleting tour of India, Vic Sjodin met a volunteer in Pune who had something to share. Aneeha Patwardhan related that as a recent vegan at 19, she stumbled upon Vegan Outreach’s Facebook page. She liked the page and subsequently saw a picture of someone who had gone vegan from getting a VO booklet. Inspired by VO’s post, she decided to try leafleting in Pune, India.

Aneeha Patwardhan in June 2013

Aneeha ordered literature, grabbed some friends, and handed out 250 booklets at a protest march in June 2013 (above). She then began to leaflet regularly, reaching thousands more. Aneeha and the growing network of 25 local grassroots activists in Pune now do leafleting and video outreach each week, and Aneeha has gone on to be the coordinator of the 2015 Pune Vegan Fest, one of the first of its kind in India, that drew over 7,000 attendees.

Still only 21, Aneeha is a remarkable voice for the animals. She plans to finish her engineering degree, then explore being a full-time activist for the animals sometime in the future.

Aneeha Patwardhan and Chaitra Jogi with mural
Above is Aneeha (left) with Chaitra Jogi, in front of the mural she and local activists put up in one of the busiest intersections in Pune.

Thank you for all your efforts for the animals in between your studies, Aneeha, and thank you for letting us know VO’s social media played a role in inspiring you to get active. We’re proud of your efforts and excited to see what you’ll continue to accomplish for others.


Link of the Week

Times of India on FIAPO & VO’s Compassion CruisAde


Members of FIAPO and Vegan Outreach, an international organisation, have collaborated on a joint venture, The Compassion [CruisAde], aiming to create awareness on treating animals with compassion.

The representatives will visit [13] cities including Coimbatore and Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and conduct various outreach programmes to stop cruelty towards animals.

The Compassion CruisAde with Shweta Sood
FIAPO activist Shweta Sood has handed out more than 10,000 booklets since the start of the tour!


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Recent Feedback

From VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, Yuri Mitzkewich:

Such a fun day in sunny Jacksonville, spreading kindness at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest! The weather was beautiful and the crowds were heavy with vegans, vegetarians, and many transitioning who came here to find out more.

On hand representing for the animals today were Jake Wilson [below, left] and Jackie Glosson [below, right] from the University of North Florida AR club, UNF Vegetarians and Vegan Association. While Jake worked the table, spreading the message about the work Vegan Outreach does, Jackie was joined leafleting on the walkways by local leafleter Jyoti Chawla [below, center], getting out lots of info. Jyoti and Jackie were amazing to watch, very enthusiastic and inviting, getting many in the crowd to take Compassionate Choices and Your Choice booklets, and also encouraging them to stop by the table and find out more.

Jake Wilson, Jyoti Chawla, Jackie Glosson at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest

Many who came up to us were reporting they loved VO, and already were following our work via social media. Several dozen locals were inspired to join us for future leafleting here at the local universities next semester, as well as get connected with Jyoti, who runs regular leafleting in the downtown area.

All in all, it was a super fun day! So great to see more and more people interested in changing their lifestyle to help the animals!

—Yuri Mitzkewich (below), 3/5/16

Yuri Mitzkewich at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest


Upcoming Events

BVSTX Meatout 2016 Festival | DeSoto, TX | Saturday, March 19
VO’s David and Paige Carter will be at this event presented by the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas. If you haven’t seen David speak, trust us – you want to!

NYU Environmental Humanities: Vegan Athletes | New York, NY | Tuesday, March 22
Speakers include VO Motivational Speaker & Diversity Specialist, David Carter; event is at 20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor, 5–7 pm.

Intersectional Justice Conference | Clinton, WA | Friday, March 25 – Sunday, March 27
VO is proud to sponsor this event at the beautiful Whidbey Institute. In addition to a great lineup of speakers, we’ll have three staff members (Paige Carter, David Carter, and Alex Bury) and one board member (Lauren Sprang) there to listen, learn, and network. If you attend, be sure to find us and say hello!

See Talks, Festivals, & Fundraisers for other upcoming events.


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