Intersectional Justice Conference Recap

VO’s Alex Bury, Lauren Sprang, Paige Carter, and David Carter attended the Intersectional Justice Conference on Whidbey Island, WA, in late March – a conference for which Vegan Outreach was a key sponsor.

David Carter, Lauren Sprang, Paige Carter, and Alex Bury
Above (from left) are David, Lauren, Paige, and Alex on their way to the conference.

Lauren wrote an article about the event for VO’s blog. Here’s an excerpt:

The questions raised by vegan social justice activists include, “What does racial profiling have to do with factory farming?” And, “What does equal pay for women have to do with LGBTQ rights?”

Such questions encompass a myriad of oppressions including speciesism, classism, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, sizeism, anti-semitism, heterosexism, etc. If you can understand the common source of oppression, can you address that source to liberate not only animals, but human communities?

Speakers Aph Ko and Dr. A. Breeze Harper each gave powerful speeches. Both spoke about racism and veganism, including how the Southern diet, with its high intake of fried food, was incorporated into black communities as a result of the history of slavery. This diet damages human health and also promotes animal agriculture.

Dr. A. Breeze Harper, Aph Ko, and pattrice jones
Above (from left) are conference speakers Dr. A. Breeze Harper, Aph Ko, and pattrice jones.

pattrice jones illustrated the example of cows’ milk in free and reduced lunches. People of color are more likely to receive free or reduced lunches and to be lactose intolerant. Again, this practice affects human health – and likely academic performance – and also promotes animal agriculture.

However, the speakers emphasized that it’s not how these issues are similar, but their common source that’s most relevant: the societal institutions that reinforce these oppressions.

Keith Tucker and Alex Bury at the Whidbey Institute
Above are Keith Tucker and Alex Bury at the Whidbey Institute.


Texas VegFest Report

Vegan Outreach’s Director of Development, Lisa Rimmert, writes:

I had a blast this past weekend, tabling at Texas VegFest in Austin! I got to tell people about VO’s work and meet a lot of people who are new to veganism, some wonderful longtime activists, and even a few treasured VO donors (Hi, Nigel and Chris)! A big thank-you goes to Kaz, who helped me table, and to Jessica and Wes of The Taco Cleanse fame for hosting me.

  Lisa Rimmert and Kaz Sephton  
  Above (from left) are Lisa Rimmert and Kaz Sephton tabling at the Texas VegFest.  


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Incredible Work in Mexico

From VO’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez:

Katia Rodriguez and I visited the teacher’s college Escuela Normal Superior Moisés Sáenz Garza for the second time but different students attended; plus, a small congress for graduated and working teachers was taking place, and we handed them leaflets on their way in, early in the morning. Marcia Hernandez and Isaac Marquez [below] joined us, and we formed a wall that no one could pass through without taking a leaflet.

Marcia Hernandez and Isaac Marquez at ENS Moisés Sáenz Garza

Afterwards, we headed to CEU Unidad Loma Larga, a small private university. The dean allowed us to leaflet in a format we have been using a lot lately. We visit all the classrooms and hand a leaflet to each student and teacher. We also give them a condensed talk about veg eating, addressing three main points: it is perfectly healthy and possible to stop eating animals, it is easier than it looks because they already eat veg meals without noticing, and that a lot of people are doing it. We complemented the talk with personal experiences and practical examples to reduce animal-product consumption on a daily basis at work or school.

We met Pablo [below, left], Jose [below, right], and Alfonso: all of them decided to drastically change their diets to help animals, and many more students were very receptive and interested in the topic.

Pablo and Jose at CEU Unidad Loma Larga

The dean of this CEU unit is extremely interested in working with us; he is even transitioning to a vegan diet himself. We talked about future collaborations, including talks, consulting to have a vegan menu in the cafeteria, and a presentation Katia will do for the heads of the institution to expand these actions to other units of the university.

A very good day of outreach.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 3/28/16


Upcoming Events

Central Florida Earth Day | Orlando, FL | Saturday, April 23
Yuri Mitzkewich, our Southeast Outreach Coordinator, will be tabling and representing VO at this event.

Baltimore Veg Fest | Baltimore, MD | Saturday, April 30
David Carter and Paige Carter will be speaking at this event about their advocacy for animals and their new partnership with Vegan Outreach!

See Talks, Festivals, & Fundraisers for other upcoming events.


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