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This year has been full of exciting news of VO’s growth and success – that’s because of the generosity of people just like you! Your support means more outreach, which means more new vegans.

David Carter, Steve & Lauren Sprang, and Kim Moffatt

Starting May 1, every dollar you donate to our Team Vegan drive will be matched 100% by a group of generous donors. That means twice as many people will be inspired to go veg! We’ll remind you when the matching drive begins!

Right now, you can sign up to raise money with your own Team Vegan fundraising page! This is the perfect way to volunteer, and it’s so much fun. We have prizes for the fundraisers, and we provide tips and support to make it stress free.

Sign up now, or if you had a Team Vegan page last year, contact to reactivate your page.

You can make this the best Team Vegan drive ever! Thank you!


From the VO Blog

Recipe: Easiest Vegan Mac ’n’ Cheese Plus Peas
VO Outreach Coordinator and mac ’n’ cheese connoisseur Lori Stultz shares her favorite recipe via vegan blogger Gena Hamshaw.

  Recipe: Easiest Vegan Mac ’n’ Cheese Plus Peas  

New VO Merchandise: PopSocket!
PopSocket? It’s a flat piece of plastic that you stick to the back of your mobile device. It stores flat, but you pop it up when you want a grip to help you hold onto your phone, to act as a stand for your device, or to wrap your earbuds around.

New VO Merchandise: PopSocket!


Recent Feedback

While the wind at the University of Northern Iowa may have had an impact on the quantity of booklets handed out, it did not affect the quality of the interactions.

The highlight of the day was talking with Karly, who stopped to ask about getting involved. As we talked, she mentioned she had been thinking about becoming a vegetarian and then she received a booklet last semester, which gave her the “push” she needed, and now she is vegan. This is the first time I could directly trace back from a vegan to a booklet I handed out – what an amazing feeling! We talked about the Vegan Mentor Program and potentially leafleting in the future, and we exchanged contact information.

—Patti Rogers-Engelby, 4/11/16

Elena Napora, Karin Nelson, and Kim Moffatt at UAlberta
Above (from left) are Elena Napora, Karin Nelson, and Kim Moffatt at UAlberta’s North Campus, where they handed out 2,000 booklets in a single day!

What a great start to Alberta! I was joined by two veteran activists, Elena and Karin, and we broke the record for the University of Alberta!!

We each had a few great conversations with students and even faculty. During the slow moments, the resident hares, who still flaunted their winter coats, had no qualms hanging around us.

Still floating with happiness about this day.

—Kim Moffatt, 4/13/16

  Nate Hill and new vegan at Buffalo State  

From VO Outreach Coordinator Steven Litrov:

Yesterday at Buffalo State, I talked to one student who asked about options in his area (Queens, NY) and told me he didn’t realize what the egg industry was about until reading the booklet. Being joined by my friend Nate Hill and his friend Emma Kyte for the last class change made my day. They were both stoked to help and did an awesome job interacting with students. Towards the very end, we met a vegetarian who had recently gone vegan [above, with Nate]. Students were kind overall, the school had explicit vegan options, a Just Mayo dispenser, and several Hampton Creek signs in the dining hall. Awesome!

  John at UB  

Today was a bit bumpy going to three campuses that either haven’t been leafleted in a long time or at all, but I had a moment at the third school to make it all worth it. At the University at Buffalo South Campus, I came across a student named John [above] who went vegetarian two years ago as a result of reading a leaflet he found on the ground at Niagara County Community College! He was very grateful for VO’s work and found it very impactful. He told me he still eats fish for omega-3, but seemed optimistic about ditching it after talking about supplements. At Medaille College, I interacted with several students who responded well to the booklet, including one vegetarian who is aspiring to go vegan.

—Steven Litrov, 3/29/16




Upcoming Event

Central Florida Earth Day | Orlando, FL | Saturday, April 23
Yuri Mitzkewich, our Southeast Outreach Coordinator, will be tabling and representing VO at this event.

See Talks, Festivals, & Fundraisers for other upcoming events.


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