Earth Week in Mexico

Katia Rodriguez, VO’s Mexico Campaigns & Spanish Media Coordinator, writes about her week giving eight presentations to over 400 high school students.

Katia Rodriguez and students at Prepa UDEM Unidad Fundadores


[Volunteer Ana Gonzalez (below)] went vegan more than two years ago after receiving VO’s ¿Por qué vegetariano? leaflet and now she is volunteering for VO! It was amazing to see the power of leafleting!

Ana Gonzalez at EIAO

At least three students reached out to me at every campus after the presentations to tell me they want to go vegetarian or vegan and would love to receive more information.

It was an incredible week with lots of positive responses and great news for animals. I feel very motivated and I can’t wait to go back!

Class at Prepa UDEM Unidad Valle Alto

Thank you to all our supporters, and especially to Drew, for your continuing support of our Mexico outreach!


2016 Warped Tour!


The 2016 Warped Tour booklets are printed!

The Warped Tour is a music festival that travels the United States and Canada every summer. Vegan Outreach joins with The Humane League to leaflet at most dates. If you’d like to get involved in leafleting one (or more) of the shows, please contact

Most of the 300,000 booklets have been drop-shipped to activists around the country living along the tour route, but we have a small amount of extra copies for people who might want to leaflet some of the tour bands’ other concerts. Order here.


Keep This Work Going!

We need your help to inspire more people to go vegan!

This semester, Adopt a College activists have handed booklets to over 805,000 students at 851 schools in Australia, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Canada, and all parts of the United States. Our Vegan Mentor Program now has over 1,000 current mentees and grows by dozens almost every day! We’ve helped a lot of people go vegan, but we need to do more.

Brianne Williams, Yuri Mitzkewich, Jennifer Kumiski, and Nicole Baar at GSU
Above (from left) are Brianne Williams, Yuri Mitzkewich, Jennifer Kumiski, and Nicole Baar at Georgia Southern University, where, along with Cindy Moores, they set a new campus record, handing out 3,400 booklets in a single day – and both Brianne and Nicole are new vegans who separately decided that same day to come back and help out after their classes!

Our Team Vegan campaign begins in just a few days on May 1, and we need to raise $200,000 to take full advantage of the matching dollars and put $400,000 toward spreading a vegan lifestyle this year. Your participation is crucial!

Here’s how to help:

Sign up to fundraise: Many of you have already signed up for your own Team Vegan fundraising page, and we’re excited to work with you to make this the best Team Vegan ever! If you haven’t signed up, do it now! If you had a page last year, contact to reactivate it for you.

Donate on May 1: Please look for our launch email this Sunday, and consider donating toward Team Vegan. All your donations between May 1 and June 30 will be matched 100%, doubling your impact for farmed animals!

Thank you!


Welcome, Nikki!

  Nikki Bollaert

Nikki Bollaert joins Vegan Outreach this week as an advisor for our direct marketing programs and fundraising infrastructure.

Nikki has worked in the field of development and philanthropy for over twenty years, building development programs at nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions, and through her consulting practice. She’s spent the past decade devoting her skills and experience to animal protection and advocacy organizations.

Nikki holds a master of nonprofit management, and is a Certified Fundraising Professional and a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy. She is the proud mom of two amazing and compassionate kids and shares her home in Lafayette, Colorado, with four four-legged furry friends.


From the VO Blog

Recipe & Video: Two “Cheese” Veggie Lasagna
Check out this guest post from the creators of Lively Days for a creamy and “ricotta-cheesy” lasagna that’s not only delicious, but is packed with veggies!

  Recipe & Video: Two “Cheese” Veggie Lasagna  

Vegan in the Military
In this installment of How Do You Vegan?, VO Outreach Coordinator Lori Stultz interviews student volunteer and National Guard member Jasper Ohde.

Recipe: Chocolate Tofu Pie
An oldie, but a goodie!

  Recipe: Chocolate Tofu Pie  


Recent Feedback

Great day – Yuri Mitzkewich and I handed out [a record] 1,550 booklets at the University of New Orleans, and had a lot of very good conversations with people. A student in a group walking past, with two of them taking leaflets, said to the others: “Check out on the second page what they do to these little chickens, you don’t even wanna know, it’s crazy!” One student told me that he chose a cheese sandwich instead of a chicken sandwich for lunch (he had gotten a brochure in the morning). I talked to Eric, a professor who approached me and asked some questions. We had a very good conversation, and he wanted to go vegan also because of ahimsa, the Buddhist ideal of nonviolence.

At Benjamin Franklin High School, I met a student named Darrell, who was really happy and so touched that he almost started to cry. He was thankful that we did some activism for the cause. He said that he wanted to go vegan, and we talked about healthy vegan nutrition. He gave me his email address and said, “Please send me all the important information!”

—VO intern Doris Schneeberger (below), 4/5/16

Doris Schneeberger at UWA




Upcoming Events

Baltimore Veg Fest | Baltimore, MD | Saturday, April 30
David Carter and Paige Carter will be speaking at this event about their advocacy for animals and their new partnership with Vegan Outreach!

New England VegFest | Worcester, MA | Sunday, May 1
Lana Smithson, our New England Outreach Coordinator, will be tabling and representing VO at this event.

Vegan Soul Sunday | Oakland, CA | Sunday, June 5
David Carter will be speaking at this event, and VO will be tabling. Join us for a delicious meal, entertainment, and more!

Animal Rights National Conference | Los Angeles, CA | Thursday, July 7 – Sunday, July 10
VO is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of AR2016. Use the promo code “VeganOutreach20” and get $20 off your registration.

VO is an AR2016 Silver Sponsor

See Talks, Festivals, & Fundraisers for other upcoming events.


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