NYC Hip Hop Event and Green Dinner

On April 21, Keith Tucker launched the 10th Element of Hip Hop Health & Wellness Tour promoting vegan eating. A vegan dinner was served to about 100 elementary school kids and their parents.

NYC Hip Hop Green Dinner

Alex Bury, Organizational Development Consultant, reports:

Hip hop traditionally had 9 elements of cultural expression and Keith wanted to add a 10th – Health & Wellness – based on vegan eating. A powerful idea.

Jack and I were lucky to see it all come to fruition! Keith hosted the 10th Element of Hip Hop Awards Ceremony in Harlem [below]. VIPs like John Salley, Easy AD, Styles P, and were there in person to sign the declaration.

It didn’t really hit us that we were watching history be made until we were sitting in the auditorium at the awards ceremony. It was very exciting, and gave me a boost of optimism for the future!

Read more about it here!

10th Element of Hip Hop Awards Ceremony


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Team Vegan members Paige Carter, Dave Mosick, and Nettie SchwagerTeam Vegan member Paige CarterTeam Vegan member Dave MosickTeam Vegan member Nettie Schwager


Donor Spotlight: Rachel Donovan and Let’s Go Vegan-ish

Rachel Donovan builds bridges with her Facebook group Let’s Go Vegan-ish. She also climbs bridges, including the new Bay Bridge. Read more.

Rachel Donovan


Spring 2016: Taylor Holman, Brian Alexander, Alix Pulido, and David Pinski

Between the four of them, they’ve handed booklets to over 30,000 students. Thank you for all your hard work this spring, Taylor, Brian, Alix, and David! Read more.

David Pinski, Alix Pulido, Brian Alexander, and Taylor Holman


Vegan Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream

Lori Stultz doesn’t mean to brag, yet must admit this was definitely one of the better ideas she’s had in a long time! Check it out.

Thin Mints Ice Cream


Bacon-Spinach Quiche

Check out this tasty recipe from the new cookbook Baconish!

Baconish and Bacon-Spinach Quiche


Recent Feedback

Thank you to Tarun Bishop, who helped us leaflet Portland State University even though he had a final exam the next day at his college!

Nettie Schwager met someone who expressed very much gratitude that we were there, and had some good conversations.

I met multiple people who approached me and asked for a booklet; a man who came back for a second Even If You Like Meat for his friend; multiple people who wanted to change their diets; a woman who used to be vegan but didn’t take B12 supplements, and has some other health issues, who’s moving slowly back toward a goal of being vegan again; and a 22-year-old lifelong-vegan man.

—Cobie deLespinasse, 5/3/16

Our last day in Celaya, we visited the main high school of the city early in the morning, and the UNITESBA, a small private college, afterwards. At the high school, we had a great take rate. The mother of a student approached us – after taking a look at the leaflet her daughter received – and told us she was against animal cruelty and liked what we were doing.

At the UNITESBA, we were allowed to distribute leaflets, but also some conferences were taking place, and they asked us to explain what we were doing in the auditorium. I ended up giving a brief talk about eating veg to 50 students, and every one of them received a leaflet.

After the talk, Karla and Mariana [below] told us they are going veg. Karla explained that she had the idea in mind but didn’t know where to start. We gave them advice on how to start the process and directed them to our Spanish web site for tips and info on how to do it in a sustainable way.

A good way to say goodbye to Celaya.

Team Vegan member Emmanuel Marquez, 4/13/16

Karla and Mariana at UNITESBA


Upcoming Events

Vegan Soul Sunday • June 5 • Oakland, CA
David Carter, VO’s Motivational Speaker & Diversity Specialist, will be speaking, and VO will be tabling. Join us for a delicious meal, entertainment, and more! More info.

Taking Action for Animals • June 17–20 • Arlington, VA
David Carter will be speaking. More info.

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

June 4 • Sedona, AZ
June 12 • Portland, OR
June 17 • Los Angeles, CA
June 24 • Kansas City, MO
June 26 • Bournemouth, UK
August 20 • Santa Rosa, CA

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in Bournemouth, UK. If it’s coming to your city, check out the movie’s website for more information!

Vegan SoulFest • August 20 • Baltimore, MD
Join the fun – there will be plenty of food, entertainment, and guest presenters! More info.

More upcoming events.


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