Activist Profile: Doris Schneeberger

Continuing our series of activist profiles, today we interview Doris Schneeberger. For a few weeks this spring, Vegan Outreach was lucky to have Doris join Yuri Mitzkewich on his tour across the southern states. By the time her internship was over, she had passed out 17,668 booklets! Thank you, Doris, for using your time in the United States to make a difference for animals everywhere.

Doris Schneeberger

How did you get involved with Vegan Outreach and leafleting?

I saw Vic Sjodin’s talk last year at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. My impression was that he was a humble, honest, down-to-earth and friendly animal rights activist, and that’s how I first got to know a little bit about Vegan Outreach. I spent two months at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, as a visiting researcher writing a paper about my thesis in February and March of this year. I was looking for meaningful activities for animals which I could get involved in here in the US and I found out about possibilities of volunteering with Vegan Outreach. I contacted Vic and he was truly welcoming. I just finished traveling the southern states with vegan superhero Yuri Mitzkewich for a few weeks, leafleting at universities and colleges.

Full interview here.


VO’s First Pay Per View in Mexico

Katia Rodriguez, VO’s Mexico Campaigns & Spanish Media Coordinator, reports:

On Sunday, May 15, volunteers Carlos Contreras and Angel Ramirez joined me at an expo that promotes adoption, spaying and neutering in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, for our first official PPV outreach in Mexico. We knew people that attend this type of event have potential to change, since they already care about some animals—they just need to expand their circle of compassion and include animals raised for food.

Below (from left) are Katia, Angel, and Carlos at the Gira Expo Conciencia Animal.
Katia Rodriguez, Angel Ramirez, and Carlos Contreras at expo

We invited people to watch a four-minute video that exposes what happens inside factory farms every day. We didn’t receive one “no” for an answer—they were even waiting in line! A total of 43 people watched—some cried and most viewers were shocked. When answering the survey after watching the video, everyone said that they feel more compassion towards animals on farms and want to make gradual changes in their diets. A family that watched the video had recently transitioned to a vegetarian diet and said that thanks to our video they will strive to become vegan.

It was a great start with amazing results and we can’t wait to make it happen again!

Viewers at expo

Dozens of activists like Katia have been working hard to raise money for VO’s Team Vegan matching drive. Thanks to their dedication—and to the generosity of donors all over the world—Team Vegan has so far raised more than $78,000! These funds are vital, as they determine what work we can do—work like Katia’s!

Please donate so VO’s outreach like this can continue. Help us reach our goal of $200,000—matched to become $400,000—so we can spread compassion to more people than ever!

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Spring 2016 Activist Spotlights

This semester, Rachel Shippee has handed out 7,974 booklets at 15 different schools, and John Deetjen has traveled to 36 different campuses, handing out 5,480 booklets! Read more.

John Deetjen and Rachel Shippee

In India, VO’s Pooja Rathor (below, left) has handed out 15,827 booklets at 23 different schools, and Shweta Sood (below, right) has traveled to 24 different campuses, handing out 9,067 booklets! Read more.

Pooja Rathor and Shweta Sood


Help Terry Hagio Save Animals with Fundracing!

“I did my first race in 2011 and that was my first experience with running and fundraising. I have done some sort of ‘fundracing’ every year since and love supporting amazing organizations that align with my beliefs, like Vegan Outreach.” Read more.

  Terry Hagio  


High-Protein Plant Milks

Check out these two protein-packed alternatives to dairy milk. Orgain is made from almonds, and you’re not going to believe what Ripple is made from: peas! Yes, you read correctly. Peas!

  Orgain and Ripple  


Spice Up Your Memorial Day Cookout!

Looking to add some spice to your Memorial Day plans? Check out this Spicy Edamame Salad recipe—it’s sure to do the trick!

The Little Vegan Cookbook and Spicy Edamame Salad


Eat Like You Give a Damn Cookbook Winner

Congratulations to Pamula Jackson! She’s the winner of this month’s giveaway, the Eat Like You Give a Damn cookbook. Be sure to sign up for VO’s Vegan Living & Advocacy Blog so you’ll be the first to know about upcoming giveaways!

  Eat Like You Give a Damn  


Orange Cream Stuffed French Toast

VO’s Alex Bury served this dish from The Lusty Vegan with Tofurky breakfast links and received rave reviews! Recipe here.

The Lusty Vegan and French Toast


VO’s Social Media Sites

Looking for some memes to share with your family and friends? Check out this popular Twitter post, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

  Life without cows’ milk…  


Recent Feedback

Thank you for following up with me. I did receive the Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating. This is my third week of eating 100% vegan, after being vegetarian for three months.

I also wanted to tell you my new vegan mentor is awesome! It really helps to share my feelings with her. In June we might meet up and go to the vegan beerfest in Pasadena together!

Thank you for all your help so far.

—Anonymous from California, 4/17/16

From helpful tips, recipes, additional resources and especially the mentor program…all helped make the transition easier than anticipated. My mentor kept in contact with me and also introduced me through email to someone who was more of a foodie like me who gave me some great suggestions on vegan cheeses to try. The road would have been a lot harder if I didn’t have such a great mentor.

—Anonymous from Oregon, 4/5/16

I thought you would enjoy this photo [below] of the class clown of our monthly potlucks, Paul Erickson. Paul is a silly goof, and a retired police officer who went vegan last year after watching Forks Over Knives. This was his first time leafleting, and he really enjoyed it.

He is such a fun guy that everyone wanted a booklet from him! He handed them out by saying things like: “Pick a card, any card,” “I know you’re on your way to a boring class—here’s something to read so you don’t fall asleep,” “There’s going to be a quiz on this tomorrow, so you better study up!”

I’m hoping that Paul might consider “adopting” MSU Bozeman with me.

—Bonnie Goodman, 5/14/16

Paul Erickson at MSU Bozeman


Upcoming Events

Asheville VeganFest • June 11 – June 12 • Asheville, NC
Yuri Mitzkewich, VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, will be tabling at this fun event—come out and have a good time, and make sure you stop by Vegan Outreach’s table to say hello! More info.

Taking Action for Animals • June 17 – June 20 • Arlington, VA
David Carter, VO’s Motivational Speaker & Diversity Specialist, will be speaking. More info.

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screening • June 17 • Los Angeles, CA
This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in Bournemouth, UK. Check out the movie’s website for more information!

More upcoming events.


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