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Study on the Effectiveness of Booklets

We’re happy to report that we just released a major study on booklet effectiveness—and the results are quite promising!

Readers at Rutgers and Rowan

The study used a randomized, prospective model and included 1,539 people who read one of four booklets promoting veganism and awareness of animal suffering. Three to five months later, participants were surveyed to see if they had made any dietary changes.

Decreases in animal consumption were readily seen and the study showed that people who newly avoid eating mammals due to reading the booklets are also likely to avoid eating chickens. Few significant differences between booklets were observed.

In this population, an average of one person reduced their consumption of all non-vegan foods to less than once per week for every 75 Vegan Outreach booklets read.

You can read the full, detailed report here.


Spring 2016: Yuri Mitzkewich and Doris Schneeberger

Yuri Mitzkewich, VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, is this semester’s most prolific Adopt a College leafleter—he’s traveled to 116 different schools, handing out 66,230 booklets! Activist Doris Schneeberger joined Yuri for a few weeks of his tour, and by the time her internship was over, she’d handed out 17,668 booklets at 26 different campuses! Read more.

Yuri Mitzkewich and Doris Schneeberger


Diversity March in Monterrey, Mexico

Mexico Campaigns & Spanish Media Coordinator Katia Rodriguez, Mexico Outreach Coordinator Emmanuel Marquez, and volunteers Angel Ramirez, Carlos Contreras, Luis Zepeda, and Yuliana Lozano had an outstanding day of outreach at Monterrey’s diversity march! Get all the details here.

Angel, Katia, Carlos, and Emmanuel at diversity march


Roasted Mushrooms with Pesto, Tomatoes, and Miyoko’s Fresh VeganMozz

Have you ordered your discounted Miyoko’s cheese yet? You have until the end of the month to save 15%! Hurry and place your order so you can give this delectable appetizer a try!

Miyoko’s Fresh VeganMozz


In the Kitchen Where I Belong?

See the highlights from a successful VO fundraiser in Marin County, CA.

Julien & Noe pastries


Vegan Adventures in Utah, Part III

In this final installment of VO Board Member Lauren Sprang’s travels through Utah, we’ll be visiting more beautiful national and state parks, complete with breathtaking views and vegan pizza!

Veggie pizza at Red Cliff Restaurant


No-Tofu Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

Time to get creative with breakfast! VO’s Alex Bury gives us the scoop on her new favorite vegan quiche recipe, from The Lusty Vegan.

No-Tofu Spinach and Mushroom Quiche


Thank You, Darren and Leaf Cafe!

Thanks to Darren Roth for placing a We Have Vegan Options window cling at Leaf Cafe in Vallejo, CA, and to owners Rayne (below, left, with Darren) and Daniella for welcoming it!

Rayne and Darren at Leaf Cafe


VO’s Social Media Sites

Follow us on social media for posts featuring vegan products (like soft-serve ice cream), videos (including a dose of happy from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, and a Dragon Bowl recipe tutorial from The Buddhist Chef), and other inspirational memes to share with your family and friends (including a quote from Albert Schweitzer, and an example of the power of a single VO booklet)!

The power of a single VO booklet


Recent Feedback

LOVE YOU FOLKS!!!! I’m getting closer every day to being back on the vegan train 100% thanks to your outreach. Falling off of it hard a few years ago due to external factors was probably a major factor in me becoming very sick almost a year ago now and damn near death. Some health advocates try to convince everyone that we need animal products to heal from wasting and other diseases, but I just can’t 100% believe it’s true, even though I am an opened-minded person and respect many cultures and ways of living that are different than whatever I choose to practice. I’ll probably be in touch to find a mentor with you soon and order some graphic and informational media.… Keep up the great work…it’s so nice that you keep this awesome enewsletter running. THANK YOU!

—MD, 6/24/16

There weren’t many people at Aurora GreenFest and I only had a little time at Remix Chicago, but both festivals had a really high take rate as well as a lot of positive responses. The first thing this one guy said once he realized it was a vegan leaflet was that if there’s some catastrophe like a natural disaster and we need to get our own food, it’s easier to hunt than to grow crops. To avoid a lengthy debate, I immediately worked to find common ground: he grows a bunch of fruits and veggies at home so he already eats a lot of vegan food. I gave him a fist bump and a few words of encouragement since he probably eats more produce than a lot of people, which I think made him feel way more comfortable to talk about veganism, and soon he was on his way. Shortly afterwards, I saw him excitedly show the leaflet to his daughter.

Team Vegan member Sean Hennessy (below), 6/12/16

Sean Hennessy


Upcoming Events

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

July 6 • Los Angeles, CA
July 7 • Los Angeles, CA
July 23 • Hamden, CT
July 23 • Gainesville, FL

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in Bali, Indonesia. More info.

Animal Rights National Conference • July 7 – July 10 • Los Angeles, CA
VO is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of AR2016. Use the promo code “VeganOutreach20” and get $20 off your registration. More info.

VegFest Colorado • July 23 – July 24 • Golden, CO
Join VO’s Director of Development, Lisa Rimmert, and Rocky Mountain Outreach Coordinator, Lori Stultz, for two days of delicious food and inspirational speakers. More info.

More upcoming events.


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