Welcome Jamila and Uma!

Vegan Outreach would like to welcome two new members of our staff, Jamila Alfred and Uma Karri-Hughes!

  Uma Karri-Hughes

On July 1, Uma joined the team as our Texas Events & Outreach Coordinator. She’ll be involved in various outreach activities and events and also assisting with some IT functions.

After working in the IT field for over a decade, Uma decided to pursue her true passion for animal welfare and teaching yoga. She highlights the nonviolence tenet of yoga and weaves themes of compassion into all her classes. Uma has volunteered for various animal rescue and welfare organizations in the US and India and is very vocal in animal protection causes. She has a master’s degree in information systems and an MBA in marketing from Osmania University in India. After becoming vegan, Uma earned the Plant-Based Nutrition certificate from Cornell University.

Uma lives with her husband and their two dogs in Austin, where she also teaches yoga. She enjoys cooking—especially veganizing comfort foods of the world—and watching British comedies.

  Jamila Alfred

Jamila joined VO on July 1 as our Maryland/DC Events & Outreach Coordinator. She’ll be organizing events and doing outreach with a focus on diverse communities, including a leafleting tour of historically black colleges and universities.

Jamila is a recent graduate of the historically black university Bowie State. She earned a degree in emerging media and uses it to promote veganism and awareness of racism and a slew of other social injustices through social media and her blog, The Soulful Veganista. Although Jamila is fairly new to animal rights activism, she has a passion and thirst for change.

A native of Silver Spring, MD, Jamila enjoys making and sharing delicious vegan food with friends and family, practicing zero-waste living, doing yoga and lifting weights, writing, speaking out against injustices, and experiencing new things!


Go Big or Go Home?

An insightful and inspirational discussion on the diverse forms of activism that exist—and are very much needed—within the animal rights movement.

COOL Cuisine


Veggie Bowl Brownble Style!

Kim Sujovolsky, founder of Brownble, has teamed up with Vegan Outreach to provide videos that discuss helpful tips and tricks to maintaining a vegan lifestyle, as well as lively meal prep demos. This kickoff video explains how to put together a veggie bowl!

Veggie Bowl Brownble Style


Easy Potato Salad

No one will be refusing seconds of this summertime favorite!

Easy Potato Salad


Recent Feedback

Glad I had the funds on hand to help [with Team Vegan]. I can’t thank you all enough for your vegan coaching program. Without it, I wouldn’t have “met” [my mentor]…her insight and enthusiasm is invaluable, as is her friendship!

—AW, Brunswick, OH, 6/30/16

Joselyn Aguilar at UPIICSA

From VO’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez:

Joselyn Aguilar [above], Cecilia Guerrero, and I got out 2,000 booklets at the Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria de Ingeniería y Ciencias Sociales y Administrativas del Instituto Politécnico Nacional.

This definitely was one of the best days of the whole semester for me. We were invited to a health fair and set up a table. We engaged in amazing conversations so many times that I lost count. An incredible number of people were interested in changing their diets.

Ana [below, left] will start eating veg thanks to a leaflet she received, and came back for more info.

Adrian [below, center] studies transport engineering and economy, and he came to us saying he was in total disagreement with vegans and vegetarians and asked us to justify our stand. We asked him to explain to us his points of disagreement instead, and we talked for a little bit from there. He ended up asking for recipes, advice on how to start changing his diet and to receive info to volunteer in the future.

Patricia [below, right] is almost a vegetarian for health reasons but will try going fully veg using the recipes and nutritional info on our Spanish web site.

After the event ended, the organizer allowed us to leaflet in the campus and invited us to participate in four events during the year and to leaflet the campus anytime we want to. It cost us a lot of time and persistence to get permission here but it is paying off. I get the feeling this is the beginning of a great alliance with this institution.

An amazing way to wrap up this semester tour.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 5/18/16

Ana, Adrian, and Patricia at UPIICSA


Upcoming Events

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

July 6 • Los Angeles, CA
July 7 • Los Angeles, CA
July 23 • Hamden, CT
July 23 • Gainesville, FL

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in Bali, Indonesia, and Whistler, British Columbia. More info.

Animal Rights National Conference • July 7 – July 10 • Los Angeles, CA
VO is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of AR2016. VO Executive Director Jack Norris will be speaking on nutrition and supporting and retaining new vegans. We’ll be tabling all three days as well—stop by and say hello! More info.

Conference on Animal Rights in Europe (CARE) • July 29 – July 31 • Warsaw, Poland
VO’s Director of Outreach, Victor Sjodin, will be presenting “Leafleting 101: The Art and Science of Personal Advocacy.” More info.

More upcoming events.


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