Activist Profile: Pooja Rathor

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we talk with Pooja Rathor. In January 2016, Director of Outreach Vic Sjodin and Kimberly Moffatt embarked on Vegan Outreach’s first tour of India. There they met Pooja, who soon joined Vegan Outreach as our first India Outreach Coordinator! In the spring semester, she leafleted 23 different schools, reaching more than 15,000 students. We’re looking forward to seeing how many more booklets she can hand out this fall! Read on to get better acquainted with Pooja.

Pooja Rathor

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment to share?

Recently I went to Christ University in Bangalore. Two girls came back after receiving leaflets. They told me they had found the same leaflets at Carrots, a vegan restaurant in Bangalore, and after reading the booklet they both became vegan. They were so excited and happy to meet me!

Do you have anything else you’d like to add about leafleting?

Be genuine and just keep a big smile on your face while approaching people. Even if they don’t take the leaflet, just say thank you—often after that they come back to get a leaflet.

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Product of the Week

Pooja: “One of my favorite vegan products is soan papdi, which is a very popular Indian sweet. Haldiram’s classic soan papdi is vegan—but not all versions are, so be sure to check the ingredients!”

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Recent Feedback

From VO Outreach Coordinator Kimberly Moffatt:

The first day of classes went great! Sean Hennessy and I handed out 2,626 booklets yesterday at West Virginia University. There was good consistent traffic at the university’s monorail system and also right outside Mountainlair student union. We split up there to get students on either end. There was rain on and off throughout the day. We had a few conversations with students who were already vegetarian or vegan. Sean [below, left] handed a leaflet to Jocelyn [below, right], an education major who went vegan roughly six months ago and was super excited to see Vegan Outreach on campus.

Sean Hennessy and Jocelyn at WVU

Today at Fairmont State University, Sean and I [below, left] handed out 850 leaflets and set a new record despite the morning rain. I had a great conversation with a civil engineering student named Andrew [below, right], who said going vegan changed his life. He told me he had type 1 diabetes and by going vegan, he was able to drop his insulin doses and said he’s never felt better! He was super excited about the Compassionate Athlete booklet.

Sean Hennessy, Kim Moffatt, and Andrew at Fairmont State

We went back to WVU for a second time due to yesterday’s weather. Sean and I stuck it out in the hot, humid sun and handed out another 2,050 booklets! We stuck around the monorail for a bit before spending the rest of the time by the Mountainlair. I found a great spot right across the street where large amounts of students went during class changes. In between classes I walked around where a student greeted me. He proceeded to give me a bottle of water saying, “This is from the dean because it looks way too hot outside.” I thought that was pretty cool!

—Kimberly Moffatt, 8/18/16


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