Welcome Roxanne Hill!

by Alex Bury, Organizational Development Consultant

On February 24, Vegan Outreach announced a partnership with David and Paige Carter to kick off our diversity work. The next day, we received a beautifully written email saying, “I want to be a part of this!”

Roxanne Hill

The message from Roxanne Hill ended up in my inbox and I was blown away by her resume. I called her right away to thank her and we ended up discussing veganism, gym workouts, spiritual guidance for prisoners, and nonprofit event planning!

We had no openings at the time, but we stayed in touch. Roxanne traveled to Washington State to attend the Whidbey Intersectional Justice Conference, was a key volunteer at the first Ralphs Vegan Store Tour, and supported Team Vegan.

Roxanne and I continued our conversations and I was convinced that having her work full-time as part of VO and for vegan advocacy would be a great win for animals, human and nonhuman alike. For one thing, it’s less than ideal to have a white person—me!—running our Community Expansion Program. But VO had already hired as many people as we could afford and I had no idea when we’d find the funds to hire Roxanne. Then to my great excitement, a very special friend of VO learned about Roxanne and donated the funds to hire her and fill this badly needed staff position!

Roxanne’s first day was August 22 and by the end of her first week we had a fall calendar packed with events and we can’t wait to get started on all the plans!

I hope many of you reading this, VO donors and volunteers, will be able to meet Roxanne at one of these events (stay tuned for announcements). She’s still getting to know our movement so be sure to give her a warm welcome!

Roxanne Hill, Mark Foy, Eric Roberts, and Jack Norris

On Roxanne’s first day as Events & Community Expansion Program Manager (above), she met with me (not pictured), VO’s Board Chair Mark Foy, his partner and key VO supporter, Eric Roberts, and Executive Director Jack Norris.

Roxanne has worked in the nonprofit world for more than 20 years. Her passion for social justice has led her to activism in the arenas of animal rights, environmentalism, HIV/AIDS, and juvenile justice.

Roxanne earned a master of arts degree in religion at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin and a bachelor of arts degree in sociology, with minors in French and psychology, at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Roxanne’s passion for health and fitness led her to become certified as a personal fitness trainer. She also serves as a volunteer chaplain at the Century Regional Detention Facility for women and at Men’s Central Jail and Twin Towers in Los Angeles. Roxanne loves Caribbean dance, Indian dance, reading, and international travel.

Welcome, Roxanne!


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David Carter, Brenda Sanders, Jessica Almy, Jamila Alfred, and Dave Costa at SoulFest


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  Paige Carter with VO tote bag  


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Recent Feedback

Beate Wolfe and I have both been dealing with repetitive stress issues, but threw caution to the wind to leaflet the first day of classes at Ventura College. It was totally worth it, with many students talking about wanting to go veg, and a very receptive crowd overall.

I’m attaching two photos [below]. The first is of Kiowa, who was so excited to get the literature, recipes, vegan buttons and piggy magnet. Kiowa, his girlfriend, and his mom are all transitioning to a vegan diet. The other picture is of Edward, who asked, “Is that the one with Kevin in it?” I said, “Yes,” and asked him if he had stopped eating “Kevins.” He replied in the affirmative and posed with the picture of Kevin for me.

Happy new semester everyone! Thank you for all you do to make the world a more compassionate place!

—Barbara Bear, 8/17/16

Kiowa and Edward at Ventura College


Upcoming Events

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

September 3 • Katy, TX
September 20 • San Luis Obispo, CA
September 20 • Berkeley, CA
September 24 • Seneca, SC
September 24 • Sacramento, CA
September 29 • Syracuse, NY

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in Bali, Indonesia, and Whistler, British Columbia. More info.

Vegan Soul Wellness Festival

Vegan Soul Wellness Festival • September 24 • Oakland, CA
David Carter will be speaking at this event, and VO will be tabling. Join us for a delicious meal, entertainment, and more! Registration is free. More info.


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