New Video: Draw My Life

What’s wrong with dairy? Watch our latest video, then share to spread the word!

Watch our latest video: Draw My Life


Reflections on Vegan SoulFest

A couple of weeks ago we got a Vegan SoulFest recap from VO’s Maryland/DC Events & Outreach Coordinator, Jamila Alfred. This week we get an insider’s perspective from one of the organizers, VO’s Brenda Sanders! Read it here.

Brenda Sanders and Vegan SoulFestgoers


More Than Just a Vegfest

VO’s Motivational Speaker & Diversity Specialist, David Carter, gave a talk on oppression in the food system at Vegan SoulFest, marking his first presentation at a vegfest organized specifically for people of color. Read more.

David Carter at Vegan SoulFest


Video: Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

If you or a loved one are in transition to a vegan diet, we invite you to watch this short video! Kim Sujovolsky, founder of Brownble, provides several easy tips to make the transition sustainable.

Brownble video: Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet


The Land of Kush

VO’s Jamila Alfred caught up with Naijha Wright-Brown and Gregory Brown, owners of The Land of Kush, a vegan soul food restaurant in Baltimore. Read more to learn about this couple’s vegan journey and how it led them to The Land of Kush.

Gregory Brown, Naijha Wright-Brown, and Jamila Alfred at The Land of Kush


Garlicky-Ginger Tofu Triangles

All of you cookbook fanatics, get excited: Supporting Vegan Outreach is about to get easier! Details and sample recipe here.

The Friendly Vegan Cookbook and Garlicky-Ginger Tofu Triangles


Jev’s Delicious Tacos

VO’s Canada Outreach Coordinator, Jev Martel, shares the recipe for one of her favorite vegan meals—tacos!

  Jev’s Delicious Tacos  


Recent Feedback

I had a lot of support from great Vegan Outreach volunteers and our local intern in the Columbus area (Stephanie) this week. Ohio State was especially fun because I gave high fives to a bunch of runners and leafleted five skateboarders. At Columbus State Community College, one student asked me if chick culling is an actual practice in the egg industry and told us the leaflet was giving him a lot to think about before his upcoming lunch; it’s really surprising for many people when they learn about it. Below is a picture of VO intern Stephanie Sopczak at CSCC.

—Sean Hennessy, 9/9/16

Stephanie Sopczak at CSCC


Upcoming Events

Living Well Festival • September 17 • Bryan, TX
Uma Karri-Hughes, VO’s Texas Events & Outreach Coordinator, will be tabling at this unique vegan/vegetarian festival. There will be community workouts, melon-carving contests, local food vendors, and much more! More info.

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

September 20 • San Luis Obispo, CA
September 20 • Berkeley, CA

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in British Columbia and Bali, Indonesia. More info.

Ready to Live Weekend • September 22–23 • Oakland, CA
Hip Hop Is Green—The First Plant-Based Hip Hop Tour in History—provides holistic health and transformation for urban communities via Hip Hop Green Dinners, speaker series, and concerts. This is going to be a great event! More info.

World Veg Festival • October 8–9 • San Francisco, CA
More info.

More upcoming events.


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Disclaimer: In last week’s e-news, we highlighted chalking sidewalks as a way to promote a pro-animal message. It was later brought to our attention that in many areas, chalking the sidewalk is illegal and people have been arrested for it. Please make sure it’s legal before you chalk!


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