Milestone: 30,000,000 Vegan Outreach Booklets!

Because of your support, we’ve produced and shipped over 30 million VO booklets—a huge milestone on the path to ending violence towards animals!

30 Million VO Booklets!


Plant-Based Nutrition

Concerned or curious about plant-based nutrition? No fear—VO’s Executive Director, Jack Norris, RD, is here to help! Read more.

12 Plant Foods That Are High in Protein meme


Bazar la Veganería Vegfest in Mexico City

Catch up with VO’s Mexico Campaigns & Spanish Media Coordinator, Katia Rodriguez, and Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez, as they make their way to represent VO at a Mexico City vegfest. Read more.

Joselyn Aguilar, Francisco Guzman, Katia Rodriguez, and Emmanuel Marquez at fest


Beyond Burger Distribution Update!

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is going beyond the Colorado and Washington, DC, lines. Find out if this revolutionary burger has made its way to your state.

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger


The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty: Part II

VO’s Office Manager, Josie Moody, is back to give us some awesome ideas for DIY vegan beauty products—you’re going to want to read this!

  Compassionate Chick’s…DIY Beauty  


Leap Ready-to-Mix Smoothie Powder

This new ready-to-mix smoothie powder just made your morning easier. Read more.

Leap smoothie powder


Apple Pie Bars

Nothing will welcome fall better than these Apple Pie Bars. Get the recipe.

  Apple Pie Bars  
  Photo: © Fire and Earth Kitchen  


Recent Feedback

Becoming vegan was not as hard as I thought, I still bought additional books for ideas, but I think I love it! And, my family, hard-core meat eaters, they sometimes cook a vegan meal or two. Surprising to me.

Thank you for the [Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating] booklet, it’s very accessible and I really thank you all for all that you do. 😃

—DM, Nashville, TN, 9/14/16

Today I hit a major milestone—100K booklets!!!

Another hot day in New Jersey. My intern, Alexis Clark [below, left], and I handed out 1,224 booklets at Middlesex County College and Rutgers Douglass Campus. We had a few good conversations and saw many people reading the leaflets!

I cannot say enough about Alexis. She has no issue with walking right up to anyone to offer them a leaflet. I’m very happy she’s rocked it these past few days.

—Kimberly Moffatt (below, right), 9/14/16

Alexis Clark and Kimberly Moffatt at Rutgers

Anula Namshum, Koushik Raghavan, and I handed out 985 booklets at Marina Beach in Chennai. People were very receptive.

We met this man [below, with Anula (left) and Pooja] who acknowledged cruelty happening to animals but wasn’t aware of the dairy industry. He said, “You people are like a blessing as at such a young age you are having such good intentions, and I had no idea that I have been part of such cruelty and I would surely try dairy alternatives.”

—Pooja Rathor, 7/23/16

Anula Namshum and Pooja Rathor with aspiring vegan


Upcoming Events

Ready to Live Weekend • September 22–23 • Oakland, CA
Hip Hop Is Green—The First Plant-Based Hip Hop Tour in History—provides holistic health and transformation for urban communities via Hip Hop Green Dinners, speaker series, and concerts. This is going to be a great event! More info.

DC VegFest • September 24 • Washington, DC
If you’re near the DC area, you’re not going to want to miss out on the nation’s largest vegfest! More info.

Vegan Soul Wellness Festival • September 24 • Oakland, CA
David Carter will be speaking at this event, and VO will be tabling. Join us for a delicious meal, entertainment, and more! Registration is free. More info.

Vegan Soul Wellness Festival

Columbus VegFest • September 24 • Columbus, OH
VO’s Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator, Sean Hennessy, will be at this great event to say hello to all of our Ohio veg friends! More info.

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

September 24 • Seneca, SC
September 24 • Gabriola, BC
September 24 • Sacramento, CA
October 15 • Los Angeles, CA
October 16 • Indianapolis, IN

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US and in British Columbia and Bali, Indonesia. More info.

More upcoming events.


Plant-based milks meme (photo:


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