Activist Profile: Sean Hennessy

Continuing our series of activist profiles, today we’ll get to know Sean Hennessy. Sean may be new to leafleting, but he’s quickly becoming a pro! In the newly created position of Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator, Sean has already passed out 12,385 leaflets at 15 different schools. Sean went from being a mentor with VO’s Vegan Mentor Program to having a full-time job saving animals.

Sean Hennessy

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment to share?

When I was leafleting at Wright State University in Ohio, one student told me he was trying to eat vegan, but wasn’t sure how to get enough vitamin B12. I explained that because vitamin B12 is generated by bacteria, the most efficient way to get it is from a supplement—rather than slaughtering an animal to get B12 from meat, for example.

I also told him about the specific supplement I take. He was genuinely grateful that I took a minute to speak with him, so it made me realize that not only are we inspiring new people to go vegan, we’re also helping current vegans stick with their diet.

What is your favorite vegan food product?

Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger! They’re so good!

  The ultimate beefless burger by Gardein  
  Photo: © Garden Protein International  

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New VO Merch: Companion Animal Collar!

We already know you spoil your pup—but now you get to spoil them even more with a new Vegan Outreach collar!

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With pumpkin season in full swing, you’ve got to try these delicious pancakes for your next Saturday morning meal!

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Recent Feedback

Laura Rosales at UNAM

From VO’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez:

Today we visited the main campus of the largest university (by enrollment) in Latin America, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Katia Rodriguez, Joselyn Aguilar, and I arrived at 6:00 am to cover the main entrances. Laura Rosales [above] joined a little bit later and did an amazing job leafleting at a school for the first time. Liliana Soto [below], Martha Mondragon, and Francisco Leon helped too. In total, we handed out 15,003 booklets—a new record for the campus!

Liliana Soto at UNAM

We had people asking for more leaflets and more info, vegans and vegetarians thanking us for the activity we were doing, and countless students reading the leaflets. Katia met Renata, Deyanara, and Ana [below]. Deyanara came back to Katia and told her, with tears in her eyes, that she was shocked by the suffering of animals in farms. She and her friends asked for guides, and the three of them decided to start changing their diets to help animals.

It was a very sunny day and we have bad sunburns after spending hours under the sun; but when I see the power of leaflets making positive changes in people, it’s all worth it. I feel very thankful for all the people who make the Vegan Outreach programs possible.

—Emmanuel Marquez, 9/20/16

Renata, Deyanara, and Ana at UNAM


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