Katia Rodriguez at All Saints Episcopal Church

Bilingual Presentation + Delicious Food at LA Church

As part of VO’s Community Engagement Initiative (CEI), Mexico Campaigns & Spanish Media Coordinator Katia Rodriguez traveled all the way up to Los Angeles to assist Events & CEI Manager Roxanne Hill in hosting a bilingual presentation on the benefits of plant-based eating. And with the help of vegan chef Derek Rogers, The Nomad Vegan, the event at All Saints Episcopal Church was as delicious as it was informative! Check out all the details here.

Dinner at All Saints Episcopal Church


Emiliano, the 9-Year-Old Animal Superhero!

Meet Emiliano—a 9-year-old leafleting powerhouse with a heart full of nothing but compassion. VO’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator, Emmanuel Marquez, and Katia Rodriguez had the opportunity to spend time with him, and now it’s our turn!

Emiliano, the 9-Year-Old Animal Superhero!


Congratulations, Unsung Vegan Heroes!

A huge congrats to the winners of the Pollination Project’s Unsung Vegan Hero awards! Read more.

Congratulations, Unsung Vegan Heroes!


The Dairy Detox Program

Haven’t quite kicked dairy to the curb yet? Don’t worry—we’ve got your back! VO’s Social Media Manager, Michelle Cehn, and vegan chef and cookbook author Allison Rivers Samson will help you say goodbye to dairy for good! Get all the details on their new Dairy Detox.

The Dairy Detox: 12 Days to Dairy-Freedom!


Esther the Wonder Pig

Watch out—the Esther effect is real! Thanks to VO’s Board of Directors Vice-Chair, Melissa Li, we can all get a small feel for it with this book review of Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time.

Esther the Wonder Pig


Dandies Marshmallows Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of this month’s giveaway! Read more.

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows!


The Cookie Counter Ice Cream Shop

We may be past ice cream season, but that doesn’t mean we should—or could—contain our excitement about Seattle’s Cookie Counter, a 100% vegan ice cream parlor! Get the full scoop here.

The Cookie Counter Ice Cream Shop


Serious Food Warning

This vegan snack is dangerously good. Be warned.

Earth Balance PB Popps


The Chocolate Mousse That Changed the World

Wonderful VO donor, mentor, and leafleter Becky Rose shares a vegan mousse recipe that’s straightforward and utterly fantastic!

The Chocolate Mousse That Changed the World


Recent Feedback

I LOVE my mentor. We met in person at Yard House and had vegan burgers. She is so sweet and helpful. We have a lot in common and I know that I can always rely on her for help. She was really knowledgeable and opened my eyes to new things/ideas about veganism. Thank you so much for pairing me up with her!

This was a GREAT experience and I would love to get more involved one day and would recommend this program to anyone!

—MC, Riverside, CA, 10/12/16

Roy Duvall and Steve Rubey at USA

From VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, Yuri Mitzkewich:

Super productive visit to the friendly crowds at the University of South Alabama! It was fun to have local ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for All Sentient Beings) volunteer Roy Duvall [above, left] join in—his third semester in a row turning out here. He’s amazing when he’s on campus—reaching out to the students with his serenely peaceful and calm personality, he got lots of those we reached stopping to talk with him.

Jackie [below] was one of several he found who was super excited to get the info. She’d been wanting to go vegetarian for a while but was having trouble getting family to accept her choice. Roy gave her lots of reassuring ideas to think about, and she was very excited and super happy that she’d met him. Getting a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating, and an extra Your Choice for her family, she left us pumped and ready to give it a go.

It was also super cool having Steve Rubey (volunteer David Rubey’s father) [above, right] join us for a little while. Was really awesome seeing him and Roy working the flows of students together. Steve, a recent convert, said he really enjoyed the leafleting and he’d be joining again next time we’re in town. Awesome day with lots of amazing interactions here! Always love visiting this school!

—Yuri Mitzkewich, 9/23/16

Roy Duvall and Jackie at USA


Upcoming Events

Vegan: Everyday Stories Movie Screenings

October 22–23 • Portland, OR
October 23 • Cocoa Beach, FL
October 26 • Brisbane, AUS
October 27 • Nashville, TN

This feature-length documentary about the lives of four everyday vegans will be screening in various cities across the US, and in Brisbane, Australia. More info.

Central Florida Veg Fest • October 22 • Orlando, FL
More info.

Portland VegFest • October 22–23 • Portland, OR
More info.

Boston Veg Food Fest • October 22–23 • Boston, MA
More info.

Dinner and Nutrition Presentation by Matt Ruscigno, RD • October 25 • Inglewood, CA
More info.

More upcoming events.


Pigs are as intelligent as dogs… (Photo: © Farm Sanctuary)

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