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New Booklets Unleashed!

We’re excited to unveil our new booklet, co-created with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC), Everyone Loves Music, Nobody Wants to Be Dinner. This booklet contains information about veg eating and nutrition, but it has something extra too: it features quotes from band members of Moon Hooch, TAUK, Phish, and others, as well as facts about how eating animal products impacts the environment. FFAC and VO will mostly be handing these booklets out at niche concert festivals where attendees care deeply about the environment, but they’re also available for order for anyone who knows an audience who would be moved by this message.

  Why Vegan

We’ve also overhauled Why Vegan to look like our other booklets. It now includes an appeal to “Join with Us” because some research on veg recidivism indicates that feeling part of a community is important. Why Vegan is normally used for tabling to audiences who are especially open to considering going vegan.

Order these and other booklets here!


Buy a Pair = Animals Spared!

Get your limited-edition Vegan Outreach socks today! Your purchase will help us do more to spare animals from suffering. Available for only eight more days, so get your pair now!

Limited-edition VO socks!


Boston Veg Food Fest and Central Florida Veg Fest

This past weekend, New England Outreach Coordinator Lana Smithson (below) represented Vegan Outreach at the Boston Veg Food Fest:

Super first day at this busy two-day event. A young man who had never heard of VO before “liked” us on Facebook to get a free pin and was amazed to see that seven of his Facebook friends already like us.

Lana Smithson at Boston Veg Food Fest

I got a picture of Kara [below, left], who said she went vegan years ago after getting a pamphlet. She said, “That did it. That was the moment I went vegan.”

I also got a picture of a Brandeis University student [below, right], who said she went vegan after getting a Your Choice at the school.

Kara and Brandeis student at Boston Veg Food Fest

Yuri Mitzkewich and Chris Murphy at Central Florida Veg Fest

VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, Yuri Mitzkewich (above, left), reports:

An incredible day representing for the animals at the Central Florida Veg Fest this past weekend! The weather was beautiful and the crowds were out en masse to check out all the great vendors, music, food, and animal organizations that were on hand. Turning out to help us spread the message were local animal hero Chris Murphy [above, right] and Jacksonville leafleting powerhouse Jyoti Chawla [below, left]! Both did amazing work all afternoon, talking to curious omnivores plus those wanting to volunteer to help animals with VO in the future!

We were having so many good interactions all day long, it was hard to single out a favorite, but meeting Victor from Valencia College [below, right] was the one that really stuck out most to me. He stopped by the table to shake our hands, thanking VO for being at his college the semester before. From talking to us at our table on campus that day, Victor not only transitioned to vegan, but convinced his two best friends to transition, too! Amazing hearing this from him firsthand—that one interaction with him will go on saving thousands of animals going forward. Incredible!

Such an impactful and fun day for the animals out in Orlando! In so many ways, days like these give you real hope for a kinder future coming ahead!

Jyoti Chawla and Victor at Central Florida Veg Fest


Thank You, TripAdvisor!

What does the world’s largest travel site have in common with captive and endangered animals? Click here to find out!


The Happy Vegan: A Guide to Living a Long, Healthy, and Successful Life

You may know Russell Simmons as the cofounder of Def Jam Recordings, but now you can get to know him as a passionate vegan, health advocate, and author. VO’s Maryland/DC Events & Outreach Coordinator, Jamila Alfred, gives us the scoop on his newest book, The Happy Vegan. Read the review.

The Happy Vegan


The Herbivorous Butcher

VO’s Organizational Development Consultant, Alex Bury, never fails to entertain her audience—you’re not going to want to miss reading about her summer trip to the Midwest and her stop at the first-of-its-kind vegan butcher shop in Minneapolis, MN. Full story.

Aubry and Kale Walch of The Herbivorous Butcher
Photo: © The Herbivorous Butcher


Creamy Tomato Thyme Soup

Warm up with this easy-to-make tomato soup! Check out the recipe here.

Creamy Tomato Thyme Soup
Photo: © Fire and Earth Kitchen


No-Bake Pumpkin Cookies

Our pumpkin obsession continues this week with these delicious no-bake cookies. Get the recipe!

No-Bake Pumpkin Cookies
Photo: © Erin Parker / TheSpeckledPalate.com


Recent Feedback

First day back on the road and it was fantastic! I handed out 1,350 booklets at UW Oshkosh and had a good conversation with someone who is interested in our Vegan Mentor Program and checking out Plant Based on a Budget. Also met a vegan who was happy to have someone to talk with and eager to learn about VO.

—Rachel Shippee, 10/17/16

It was a great day at East Los Angeles College—over 2,800 students reached! Priscila [below] has been vegetarian for a while and is working on going fully vegan! She even leafleted with me for a few minutes!

—Steve Erlsten, 10/18/16

Priscila at ELAC


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Tampa Bay Veg Fest • November 12 • Tampa, FL
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Atlanta Veg Fest • November 12 • Atlanta, GA
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Space Coast Veg Fest • November 13 • Cocoa, FL
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She is why I don’t eat dairy (Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture / CC BY 2.0)

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