Activist Profile: Jevranne Martel

Continuing our series of activist profiles, this week we talk with Vegan Outreach’s Canada Outreach Coordinator, Jevranne “Jev” Martel. This is Jev’s first semester leafleting for VO, and her work has been nothing less than impressive! She’s been to over 30 campuses this fall, handing out more than 28,000 booklets!

Jevranne Martel

Do you have a favorite leafleting moment to share?

One time I had someone trying to give me a hard time. No matter what I brought up, he had an answer for it. Throughout the whole conversation, I was giving him some really good questions to sit on and I kept a very positive attitude. At the end of our conversation, he admitted to me that when he talks to vegans he usually goes out of his way to get a reaction, but he said my composure and delivery were really great. He ended up taking a booklet, telling me to keep up the good work, and he said he’d look into the issues further.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add about leafleting?

Have fun with it—bring your personality to the mix. Being genuine will attract more people and you’ll hand out more information.

Also, don’t be scared to approach people and ask thought-provoking questions. I generate so many conversations with people that have the time, but aren’t feeling forced to stay and talk. I always tell them that I value their time, and if they don’t have time to stay and talk, I let them know that’s okay. This usually intrigues them to engage in a conversation.

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The Veggie Connection

VO’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator, Yuri Mitzkewich (below), reports:

The second annual Veggie Connection in Smyrna, Georgia, was a big success last Saturday! Attendance was double or triple the original, in both number of vendors there and visitor turnout. Vegan Outreach was in action representing at our table plus supporting the event as one of the featured speakers.

First up at the beginning of the event, I got invited to be on the radio with the Workplace Zone, covering the event live. This was a fun broadcast; we talked about everything from how cultural tastes are changing, to the work of VO, and even Cory Booker. Soon after, I hit the main stage and gave a well-received talk on individual activism and how volunteering with VO is transforming the future. Lots of discussion and questions followed, and there were many in the seats listening who came by the table afterwards to sign up to get involved.

All through the afternoon lots of people were stopping by the table to talk. It’s great to see how the name “Vegan Outreach” resonates with people and we become the default “ask a vegan” go-to people regularly at these events. Here I got to talk to dozens who had questions and were interested in how to veganize their consumption and why it’s vitally important we do this.

Yuri Mitzkewich at Veggie Connection


The Power of Initiative

Meet an inspiring family who successfully formed a vegan community in the unlikeliest of places. Full story.

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Product of the Week

Jev: “I love the tofu nuggets made by Soyarie. It’s my go-to ‘junk food’ snack or meal. It’s super simple and super satisfying!”

Soyarie shefu tofu bites


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Autumn Oreo Brownies

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Recent Feedback

From VO’s Director of Outreach, Vic Sjodin:

Special day of outreach at Los Angeles Valley College. Katia Rodriguez, Emmanuel Marquez, and I spoke to several dozen students, and I can’t remember ever seeing so many students reading booklets cover-to-cover outside.

Readers at LAVC

One class just had a student present on veganism. Another student [below, left] asked for more literature for her friends. A teacher invited me to speak to her class next week. Spoke for 20 minutes to Isaiah [below, right] and his friends during a lull. Isaiah is all about going vegan for animals and ethics and had many questions about vegan products. His friends also asked great questions with interest and read the whole booklet. All in all, a great day at this smallish community college.

—Vic Sjodin, 10/19/16

Interested student and Isaiah at LAVC


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