Leafleting Effectiveness Study: Fall 2016 Update

Executive Director Jack Norris, RD, has written an update about Vegan Outreach’s attempts to assess the effectiveness of leafleting.

To summarize the state of the project: we are in the midst of our third pilot test to determine how best to go about measuring direct diet change created by leafleting and we are optimistic that we’ve found a method that can provide a reasonable amount of statistical certainty.

VO Leafleting

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People have always asked us at Vegan Outreach how we know whether leafleting makes a difference.

We have mainly had anecdotal evidence to provide them, such as the Lives Changed and Recent Feedback pages on our website, which list some of the feedback we receive from people who have changed their diets due to receiving a booklet.

The impact that can be palpably felt on college campuses when leafleting—by talking to interested students, seeing people reading the booklets, and overhearing people discuss the issue—typically leaves an activist with a strong sense that they have just done a lot of good. These feelings are what keep so many leafleters going out day after day.

Nonetheless, it would be great to have more precise information about the impact of leafleting. This is no easy task, since there are at least four scenarios where leafleting is likely to make a positive difference.

• Direct Diet Change: A person receiving a booklet is moved emotionally or intellectually by the suffering of farmed animals and adopts a vegan diet.

• Word of Mouth: The original booklet recipient shares that information with others either through conversation or passing along the booklet.

• Touchpoint: A person is made aware of the suffering of farmed animals by a booklet, which makes them more likely to change their diet when presented with a future outreach activity.

• Animal Protection Community-Building: Leafleting is a low-barrier-to-entry activity for new and experienced animal activists alike. Taking part in leafleting outings builds important connections between people and organizations in the animal protection community.

Historically, studies on leafleting have focused on the first scenario (direct diet change). Vegan Outreach’s current efforts are also focused on determining how likely people are to change their diet after receiving a booklet. However, to get a full understanding of the benefits of leafleting, these other dimensions have to be taken into consideration, and may themselves be subjects for future investigations.

A 2016 Harris Poll commissioned by the VRG found that “Approximately 3.7 million U.S. adults are vegan; 4.3 million are vegetarian but not vegan.”

To my knowledge, these polls are the best information we have on how many U.S. adults are vegan, and they show that over 22 years—and a great deal of activism—we have increased the number of vegans by about 3 million.

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Mexico City Festival Outreach

VO volunteer Joselyn Aguilar reports from last month’s Festival Vegano de la Ciudad de México:

People who passed by our table were very curious. We talked to several of them and some decided to change their diet, so we suggested they join the Vegan Mentor Program. One of them was Romina [below, right], who just started going vegetarian a few weeks ago and still had issues with how to eat. After talking to Xochitl Rivera [below, center] and Gisela Sisniega (age 17) [below, left], she decided to go vegan and enroll in VO’s mentor program.

Gisela Sisniega, Xochitl Rivera, and Romina at Festival Vegano CDMX

At the monthly Bazar la Veganeria, we found more vegetarian people willing to go vegan. I also talked to a woman who is neither vegan nor vegetarian but is the mother of two wonderful kids (ages 4 and 6) who refuse to eat animals, so she didn’t know what to cook for them. I talked to her about some of my favorite recipes, gave her the number of my vegan nutritionist, and told her about the Vegan Mentor Program. She was so excited, she almost cried, and said: “You literally saved me. I was losing my mind because I didn’t know what to do. Thanks, I will enroll in the program.” That was really cool.


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This is why we eat vegan hot dogs and turkey sandwiches.

Gardein vegan meats


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Don’t let the simplicity of this salad fool you—it’s bursting with flavor!

Roasted Corn and Bean Salad


Chai Latte

You don’t need to go to a coffee shop to enjoy a warm chai latte—make it at home using this recipe!

Chai Latte
Photo: © Emilie Eats / EmilieEats.com


Recent Feedback

From VO’s Canada Outreach Coordinator, Jevranne Martel:

I had an interesting day at the University of Manitoba. With the teachers on strike since Tuesday, fewer students were at the school today, but I still managed to have some amazing chats.

I handed one student a booklet, and he returned after he read it to ask for more information. He approached me with another friend, and she asked for information also. Since they didn’t have a class to get to on time, they were engaged in a conversation with me for a fairly long time and were really taking in everything that was being said. They were both meat eaters who admitted to never being curious about this stuff before, but after reading the Your Choice booklet, they wanted to know more. By the end of our conversation, they both said that they want to go vegan. They were shocked at the cruelty and environmental and health issues and asked for more info. I gave them both a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating and wrote down some more info for them. I truly believe these two [below] are going to be making changes in their lifestyle as soon as possible.

After we said goodbye, a few other students who were sitting on the benches nearby and overheard parts of the conversation came up to ask me for more info also. It was the perfect way to have a strike day, where students were able to engage in longer conversations and get more intrigued.

—Jevranne Martel, 11/3/16

Aspiring vegans at U of M


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