Vegan Outreach Urges CPK to Add Vegan Cheese Pizza

Vegan Outreach has launched a petition urging California Pizza Kitchen to add a vegan cheese pizza to their menu and over 23,000 people have already let them know they’d support this animal-friendly dish!

Want vegan cheese pizza?
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With 30 million lactose-intolerant Americans, vegans aren’t the only customers who’d purchase a dairy-free option. In fact, the vegetarian and vegan food market has been exploding recently and is predicted to grow even further. Many popular chains have added a vegan cheese pizza—including Pieology, MOD Pizza, zpizza, Amici’s, and Blaze Pizza.

California Pizza Kitchen is currently expanding their menu, so it’s a perfect time for them to reel in the millions of vegan, dairy-intolerant, and health-conscious consumers and become the largest pizza company in the U.S. to offer a vegan version of one of America’s favorite foods!

Help us show California Pizza Kitchen they have a market for a delicious vegan cheese pizza by signing our petition!

Thank you!


Florida Festival Outreach

Last weekend, Southeast Outreach Coordinator Yuri Mitzkewich represented Vegan Outreach at the Tampa Bay Veg Fest and the Space Coast Veg Fest:

Another huge day working the crowds in downtown Tampa. The location was perfect, bringing in lots of outside traffic. I had dozens and dozens of conversations, sharing meal plan ideas, ways to transition to vegan successfully without falling back, and all the new foods making veg eating easier than ever.

Around noon, Jyoti Chawla surprised me, coming to join in and doing great work emptying my table of Your Choice leaflets [below, left]. He roamed the event and even took the time to visit the speaker locations to make sure everyone leaving at the end of each talk had a pamphlet to take with them. Such an inviting and energetic activist, almost nobody can turn down his pleas to eat more compassionately.

Near the end of the afternoon, the best interaction of all happened when 8-year-old Kaylee [below, right] pulled her mom over to the table to ask a question. Her first words to me, what she wanted to know most: “Does being vegan make you happy?” I nearly had to fight to keep my composure—such a clear and knowledgeable question from this little girl! Her mother and father recently had gone vegetarian and were very encouraging of Kaylee and her brother about this decision, though obviously Kaylee had her own questions to ask. After we talked a few minutes she was all smiles and we high-fived before they left, on their way to sample some vegan foods for this 8-year-old convert. Gives me hope for the future, hearing so frequently like we do, this desire in the young people we meet to live a kinder, healthier life!

Jyoti Chawla and Kaylee at Tampa Bay Veg Fest

Jumping over to Florida’s east coast, we tabled for the first time at the Space Coast Veg Fest at Riverfront Park in Cocoa. It was a busy, busy event; spoke with dozens and dozens here for the day’s festivities. This location was open to everyone and being free, lots of tourists and others in the area came through to see what the fun was all about. It was great getting to talk to so many people and also meeting so many new and longtime supporters of VO who were happy to see us there.

For the second time this weekend, Jyoti surprised me turning out to help, and again did his work emptying my supply of Your Choice booklets!

Great time at these two events!

Yuri Mitzkewich at Space Coast Veg Fest


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Poutine with Bacon Gravy and Pepper Jack Cheese

A not-so-traditional Thanksgiving side dish! Recipe here.

Poutine with Bacon Gravy and Pepper Jack Cheese


Recent Feedback

When I was leafleting at Wright State University in Ohio, I met Antoin [below], an anthropology student who was tabling to encourage students to vote for candidates who are committed to promoting the use of clean energy. He approached me after receiving a leaflet to say he was really interested in the material. When I told him about how eating less meat can also help fight climate change, he was very surprised, and was also thinking about eating less of it for health reasons.

—Sean Hennessy, 11/2/16

Antoin at WSU


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