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Let’s Chat with a Vegan Band

Join VO’s Rocky Mountain Outreach Coordinator, Lori Stultz, in getting to know the members of Moon Hooch—an alternative music group with a passion for making music and spreading the word about the importance of veganism. Interview here.

Lori Stultz and Moon Hooch


Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookies

Peanut butter fans, this recipe is for you!

Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookies
Photo: © Renee Press / Fire and Earth Kitchen


Recent Feedback

Today I met a student who went vegan after his girlfriend went vegan after she received a booklet from me last year! It’s the best kind of domino effect!

—Steve Erlsten, VO Northern California Outreach Coordinator, 11/15/16

Cristina Tangreti

Beate Wolfe and I did some leafleting at Santa Barbara City College and UC Santa Barbara while helping out the FARM crew with the 10 Billion Lives pay-per-view (PPV) tour. Cristina Tangreti [above], who has worked with PETA in the past and is now doing the PPV tour, got a Compassionate Choices leaflet while vacationing in Chicago in 2009, went vegan, and is now a full-time activist. She wishes she knew who leafleted her so she could thank them.

The Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets for the most part went to people who watched the video and were interested in eating more compassionately. We had loads of good conversations while doing PPV, introduced veg*ns to the campuses’ vegan clubs for support, and got contact info from those who want to help leaflet in the future. The UCSB campus especially seemed to be teeming with vegans—makes me hopeful!

—Barbara Bear, Nonviolence United, 10/26/16


Upcoming Event

South Florida VegFest • December 3 • Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Jona Weinhofen: Please sign VO’s CPK petition

Join musician Jona Weinhofen in signing our petition for California Pizza Kitchen to add a vegan cheese pizza to their menu!


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