Vegan Mentor Program Helps Thousands!

While in some ways it’s easier than ever to be vegan, a lot of people need a little boost to make the change and to stick with it. At two years old, our Vegan Mentor Program has helped thousands of individuals. Our volunteer mentors—experienced vegans who know the ins and outs of the vegan lifestyle—are providing guidance and moral support to folks trying to reduce meat, or go or stay vegetarian or vegan. Over 2,900 people of all ages and walks of life have signed up to be matched with mentors (see charts from Nov. 2016 below; larger view here).

VMP goal and age charts

Currently, we have 1,712 volunteer mentors in the program. Many of them are already paired with a mentee, or more than one in some cases, and others are standing ready to help when someone needs it. Our mentors span 934 cities in 58 countries around the world, and their help is available in English or Spanish.

We’ve heard from so many people who have been helped by the program, and some of our mentees have even gone on to become mentors! If you know someone thinking of becoming vegan, please tell them about the Vegan Mentor Program. And if you’re a vegan yourself, please consider signing up to become a mentor. Thank you!

[My mentor] is great! She provided information and support. She responded weekly [and] gave me specific advice and showed detailed interest in long emails. I am very happily vegan (feeling great!) and I’m sure I’ll never eat animal products again! I’m confident to the extent that I no longer need the added support that this program provided for me when I started off. I’m grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you!

—KB, Savannah, GA, 1/10/17


Vegan Cooking Class at Banana Leaf Restaurant

By Sean Hennessy, VO Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator

I had a great time helping organize a vegan cooking class at Banana Leaf Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Head chef Ami Panchal led the class alongside fellow co-owner Kamal Panchal. Forty people came to learn how to make several Indian dishes and enjoy a buffet dinner (the halva dessert was my favorite). Naturally, everyone received a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating from Vegan Outreach along with recipes for the dishes we learned. Plus, to top it all off, Banana Leaf Restaurant was generous enough to donate 40% of the proceeds to VO.

Kamal Panchal, Sean Hennessy, and Ami Panchal
Above (from left) are Kamal Panchal, Sean Hennessy, and Ami Panchal.
Cooking class with Ami Panchal


Unexpected Challenges during My First Outreach Tour of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Jamila Alfred, VO’s Maryland/DC Events & Outreach Coordinator: “Outside of these schools, in their respective towns, I couldn’t help but notice the curious stares and the Confederate flags. I didn’t want to think much about it, because I was on a mission and didn’t want any concern to sink in on this grassroots expedition, but let’s just say these places were probably not the best place for a black woman with locs to be at night.” Read more.

Jamila Alfred and Kayla Malveaux


Canada Holiday Outreach

Canada Outreach Coordinator Jev Martel is unstoppable. Read about her between-semester outreach efforts distributing booklets to holiday shoppers!

Jev Martel and volunteers at Hudson’s Bay



A delicious vegan version of an old-time favorite—Snickerdoodles! Recipe here.



Recent Feedback

From VO’s India Outreach Coordinator, Pooja Rathor:

Darshana Muzumdar and I handed out 1,607 booklets near Big Bazaar in Visharant Wadi, Pune. We leafleted and also showed the videos Glass Walls and Horrors in India’s Dairy Industry.

After receiving the leaflet, Nikhil Chaudry [below, left] said, “I’m glad to know all this information. I would like to be a volunteer and help you leaflet at my college.”

Nikhil Chaudry and Shweta Kiran Uttekar at Big Bazaar

We met Shweta Kiran Uttekar [above, right]. She is a student from St. Mira’s College who has reduced consumption of dairy after receiving the leaflet on campus when we were there a few months back.

We met Rishu and Sanjay [below], who wanted to join as volunteers after watching the video and talking to us further.

It was a great day as we got four people who wanted to join the movement.

—Pooja Rathor, VO India Outreach Coordinator, 12/27/16

Rishu and Sanjay at Big Bazaar


Upcoming Events

The Veggie Connection: College Edition • January 23 • Carson, CA
More info.

More upcoming events.


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