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  Bulgarian EIYLM

We have a new digital booklet—a Bulgarian-language version of Even If You Like Meat!

If you want to check it out and pass it on to your Bulgarian friends, please click here.

Note: The brands shown in the Getting Groceries section aren’t available in Bulgaria, but Bulgarian activists chose to keep that section as it appears in our English-language booklets.


Small-Town Vegans

Transitions are tough, but having supportive people there to help cheer you on can make all the difference. And that was the case for vegan mentor Lauren Sprang and vegan mentee Kristin Van Epps. One of many success stories we’ve heard from individuals who’ve joined VO’s Vegan Mentor Program, this tale of support is sure to leave you smiling.

Vegan Mentor Program (photo: © Gia Louise Photography)


Festival Outreach

On January 28, VO Office Manager Josie Moody tabled at the SacTown VegFest in Sacramento, California:

I had so many great interactions and talked to so many people that I was starting to become hoarse at the end! It was really great to see how many people in my own community care about plant-based eating and animal rights!

Josie Moody at SacTown VegFest

On January 29, Southeast Outreach Coordinator Yuri Mitzkewich represented VO at the inaugural SWFL Veg Fest in Fort Myers, Florida:

The event was by all accounts a big success. Attendance was estimated at over 8,000—a huge turnout considering this was the first-ever local fest.

While I talked to folks from behind the table, volunteer Jennifer Mennuti stayed busy bringing in person after person to watch the factory farming VR footage from Animal Equality. Reactions were super strong—everything from stunned silences to a few crying after seeing the sadness of what we put animals through in our food system. Almost every viewer reached to take a VO booklet from the table after speaking with us.

iAnimal at SWFL Veg Fest

Overall, it was an inspiring time seeing the heavy interest for vegan eating in this usually more low-key region of the Sunshine State! And it was awesome of Jen to come out and volunteer on her birthday—we had a great time spending her day doing what she loves most: opening new hearts and minds to the plight of our farm animal friends.

Jennifer Mennuti at SWFL Veg Fest


Supporting Animal Advocacy in Style

Our friends with the Mexico-based animal advocacy group FaunAcción tell us about the awesome outreach they’re doing and how you can fashionably support their work! Full story.

Ecü footwear


Purdue University Research Study: Invitation to Participate

Purdue University researchers are conducting a survey and need your help! Please take a few minutes to answer a questionnaire about your environmental practices as they relate to your dietary choices.

Purdue University


Attention All Burger Lovers—Vegan or Otherwise

The vegan meat company behind the Range-Free burger is doing more than producing one of the best veggie burgers on the market—they’re also making sure it’ll be available at restaurants across the US. We chatted with the cofounders of Hungry Planet, and here’s what they had to say!

Hungry Planet Range-Free burger


Chili for When You Don’t Feel Like Making Chili

Does winter have you bummed out? Does the thought of making dinner tonight also bum you out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—here’s a warm meal idea with very little work involved.

Sweet Potato Chili


Video: PB&J Stuffed French Toast

Hold the bowls and spoons! You’re going to need a fork and knife, and a bottle of maple syrup for this unbelievably delicious breakfast.

Brownble Video: PB&J Stuffed French Toast


Recent Feedback

Roxanne Hill [VO’s Events & Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) Manager, below, left], Jack Norris [VO’s Executive Director, below, right], and I handed out 1,810 booklets at Cal State Dominguez Hills in two class changes. It was slightly blustery but a great quick day of outreach.

It was Roxanne’s first day of leafleting!!! She was a natural. The weather didn’t make people too chatty, mostly grab and go, but many still had their booklets on them later on and a few people were stoked we were on campus, including a vegan mentor of ours!! And it was actually the first time Jack and I had ever leafleted together. The chief can really move some lit!!!

—Vic Sjodin, VO Director of Outreach (below, center), 1/23/17

Roxanne Hill, Vic Sjodin, and Jack Norris at CSUDH

It was another nice sunny day of leafleting in Southern California! John and I got Compassionate Choices into the hands of 4,350 students at Cal State Northridge, and…drumroll, please…John handed out his 200,000th booklet today!

One highlight from John: “One student said to me, ‘I received a leaflet last year—someone was handing them out—and I threw it straight into the garbage. Now I’m vegan. Can I have a few more leaflets to give to my friends?’”

—Steve Erlsten, VO Northern California Outreach Coordinator, 1/26/17


Upcoming Event

PHX Vegan Food Festival • February 25 • Phoenix, AZ
More info.

More upcoming events.


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